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  1. Re: LEGISLATION or CITY Ordinances regarding KILLLING OF HONEYBEES?

    I think even more an issue is all the Northerners that bring their bees south for the their splits here...and allow their queens to open mate. I know my area gets pretty inundated with...
  2. Re: aggressive racoon, or fox?, climbs 12 feet, flips heavy lids, eats comb, trap set

    Try a handful or two of marshmallows (not the mini's). Works like a champ! Raccoons think they are eggs or some such thing. (I didn't believe it either) Trust me, it works, and you won't catch...
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    Re: getting started??

    Welcome Amy.
    This should get you started...

    You can learn a lot here using the search function. Also lots to...
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    Re: Melting wax cappings in the winter.

    Butane burner ($20 tops) and a dedicated pot. Works year round, inside, or out! Strain into HOT water, in a flexible container.
  5. Re: What should I expect on winter hive inspection?

    Sounds like they may have gone queenless??? Did you see any brood, eggs, larvae, etc? I know it has been a harsh winter, but you should not have gone from two boxes to a soccer ball of bees.... ...
  6. Thread: Bearding

    by Bees In Miami

    Re: Bearding

    noljohn....How much have you got the entrance reduced? A traffic jam on the outside means a traffic jam on the inside, too. I would open the entrance some (I am assuming you fell into the whole "I...
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    Re: diagnose this

    I see ZERO signs of moth or beetle. Looks like human error to me. A box got put on its side, or something...but no wax moth (they would be webby) or beetle damage (comb would be slimed). ...
  8. Re: My feet are not cold, but they are getting cool. Did I make a mistake?

    Why not just start with an initial 8 frame deep brood box (on the bottom), and go all mediums from there? A deep of brood is manageable. You can make the switch if need be the following spring...
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    Re: lip balm products

    I second Bulk Apothecary through Amazon, or direct. Better Bee has great labels.
  10. Re: To early for even split? And never done it before :)

    Take the advice of your Cali keepers! ;) They know your area...
  11. Re: To early for even split? And never done it before :)

    'split the mediums and walk away', as in, separate the two boxes, and place two on new bottom boards? No. You need to be more methodical. The new split must contain at least one frame with eggs...
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    Re: Is getting stung pretty common

    Sometimes they're hot, sometimes they're not! The bees will usually let you know in short order if they are going to be nice or not. Listen to them. And just because one hive is being testy...
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    Re: Florida Orange bloom is early this year

    bevy's and fred....check the dates on this thread....this was LAST January (2013). Our flow here this year sucks! This cold snap, and hopefully some warm moist weather will get it going. :pinch: ...
  14. Re: Bees not taking dry pollen substitute

    You are in the mid to upper 70's these days (if not low 80's)....Aren't they bringing in pollen of their own? If you see pollen going in, they are certainly not going to touch a man made knock off.
  15. Re: How early in the year can the bees make a new queen?

    I'm thinking you are going to guild the Lilly, and end up with 4 weak hives instead of two strong hives. Think strength, not numbers, JMO.
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    Re: What Are These Bees Doing?

    dynemd: As others have asked, what kind of population do you have in the hive? It looks to be a strong population. These "robbing attempts" during the day...are you sure you are not seeing...
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    Re: What I have so far

    Nice job! I snug the frames tight against each other, then center them. If you leave too much space on one side, they can start building comb on the hive box itself, and will ultimately lead to a...
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    Re: Single deep swarm management confusion

    TPalmer: It is most common in FL to run single deeps or double mediums for brood. I am not saying another way is "wrong"....just what is most common. So at present, you have a total of 6 deeps for...
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    Re: Cleaning Beeswax Question

    Try sweatshirt material, fuzzy side up. You can double it up if the wax is really dirty. Works like a champ.
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    Re: Honey smells like urine

    Melaleuca honey does not smell like urine, nor is it foul. When the Melaleuca flow is on down here, you can smell an overwhelming sweetness far from the hives. My neighbors (two acres away) now...
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    Re: Cold Blast in the South

    Bewildered...Good luck with your bees...I can't answer your question because fortunately I have not experienced such drastic temps, though our temps dropped 40* in less than 24 hours. I found out...
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    Re: Questions about SoCal beekeeping

    Tom: I can't answer your question since I am on the other coast, but there are several So Cal beeks on this forum. Posting to you to bump this to the top. I am interested in the replies, too. I...
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    Re: The Angry Bee Project

    Gene...I'd love to see any of the pictures that can be viewed clearly. There are so many reasons they can be pissy...and trust me, those really aren't being horrible. I've done some removals that I...
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    Re: Grad school for a Beekeeper

    Joe...I will echo what a few prior posters have....Look into the University of Florida! They have an outstanding program! I have participated in their "Bee College", and their Master Beekeeper...
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    Re: Treatment free in Pinellas, Florida

    I am not in Pinellas, though I miss it there very much!! Lived in Bahama Shores (South Side near the pink streets) for a few years. Treatment free for what? Where did you get your bees, how many...
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