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    Re: Online honey sales

    That's awesome. I'm building up and so far so good. I'll keep the conversation going when it comes to returns or how it's received.
  2. Checking on the bees in a CRAZY storm! [VIDEO]

    Took my gopro out during a crazy storm! Check out my trampoline getting thrown around. The bees did great, but I did want to check on them. I ended up putting cinder blocks on top.
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    Who is on Twitter?

    Just seeing who out there uses Twitter. Follow me at @adam_buchanan and @mylocalnectar. Great place to share photos and do live chats!
  4. Re: Advice for moving a hive a long distance?

    Yeah, just a little. Wanted to make sure they were fed.
  5. Re: Advice for moving a hive a long distance?

    I did an 8 hour move with one of my hives, it was nerve wracking! But we stopped a couple times for lunch, gas, etc. They did great! I taped up the entrance, strapped all the boxes in place, even had...
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    Re: Honey in the brood box

    Definitely leave it. I've been told it's fine and part of their winter stores.
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    My Local Nectar and summer time!

    Hi ya'll!

    We just moved to Utah from Denver and our bees are doing great! We increased our bee yard to 3 hives this year and hoping for good colony health and solid pollination. All queens are...
  8. Woo Hoo! Hive is thriving in CO winter

    Really pumped my other hive is thriving (other hive died). Temps are in the 50's here in Denver and the bees are digging on the sugar cakes and numbers look amazing. Good luck to everyone this winter!
  9. Re: Lost hive in Denver - because of added super?

    Super wasn't empty. It had honey. I was told to leave it on as part of their stores. Mite check came back at less than 40, and then even less right before winter prep.
  10. Lost hive in Denver - because of added super?

    Talked to a bee guy in Denver about my dead hive, he said it was because I had a super on top and that's too much space for the bees to keep warm. And if the cluster wasn't big enough going into...
  11. Re: Colorado cold snap - snowpocalypse, bees ok?

    Thanks Enj. The weight test passed I believe, both hives super heavy. 150-200 lbs. I'll do what you advised, thanks
  12. Re: Colorado cold snap - snowpocalypse, bees ok?

    Ya'll are so kind, thanks for the info. I do have top feeders on both hives since we were feeding them up until the cold snap came in. If like to feed them through winter but it might be best to pull...
  13. Colorado cold snap - snowpocalypse, bees ok?

    Ok, cold temps hit hard last week and I'm nervous. Entrance reducers were on in time but I've been watching the entrance and lots of dead bees are being pushed out. I removed the entrance reducer on...
  14. Re: Cold nights and dead bees every morning

    Appreciate it everyone. Looks to be attrition. Thanks for your quick comments and replies!
  15. Cold nights and dead bees every morning

    I'm in Colorado and we're having some cold nights, down to 35-40 degrees F. Then it warms up to 70 in the day.

    I'm seeing 30-40 bees per hive dead each morning. Not sure if I should put an...
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    Remove half full super?

    I removed a half full super from one of my hives and have been feeding and the bottom chambers are now filling up. My other hive has a half full super, just didn't fill up super well. And their...
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    Re: No honey in super

    Thanks. Should I remove the super? Its just empty, doesn't seem to be of use and id hate to have too much space they have to keep warm.
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    No honey in super

    On both hives I had one super that was half full. 4 weeks later my one hive ate all the honey. Other hive keeps storing and capping. For the first hive, should I give them another month to try and...
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    First honey extraction today!

    Really pumped, just extracted and got about 30 lbs. this has been such a fun year learning and going through the whole process. I'm truly amazed with the garden, we have an insane pumpkin patch! Hope...
  20. Re: Best way to feed honey back to the bees?

    I'd sell it. Would love to see people taste test blindfolded to tell the difference....
  21. Brood chambers are close to empty - Colorado

    Hi there,

    I have two hives and both have done fairly well. New packages in April, one hive has 2 supers (1/2 full) and the other hive 1 super (full).

    So I looked at one brood chamber and I...
  22. Re: Pros and Cons of leaving a supper on over winter

    Was just thinkin the same thing. I'm gonna leave a super on each of mine. But do ya'll feed as well? What if I'm trying to fill up a few more frames?
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    Re: Open feeding

    I'm gonna put mine in the yard where don't spend a lot of time. Good advice on the doorknob.
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    Re: first sugar dust

    Please post an after update. Curious about doing myself. I have a fogger and heard mineral water works and gets rid of mites, but maybe the sugar dusting is the way to go in the beginning. Thanks...
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    Re: Getting started in beekeeping?

    I listed out great books and videos on my blog here.

    I have two hives, both 8 frame. Really like it. I thought about...
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