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  1. Re: Have to sell Bees, 9 hives and equipment for sale, upstate NY.

    PS price listed is for all, bees and equipment. als I almost for got, an Electric un-capping knife, a 7 galon bucket, with a Honey gate. and a double stainless steel strainer. Also an uncapping...
  2. Re: Have to sell Bees, 9 hives and equipment for sale, upstate NY.

    Please leave a message on my phone. If E-mail is better, use "".
  3. Re: Have to sell Bees, 9 hives and equipment for sale, upstate NY.

    Well here is a list, I am sure I will forget somthing. All of the woodware is Lang, 10 fram,unless otherwise specified.

    Hive #1- 2 deeps, 1 med
    #1- 1 deep, 1 med, and quilt box.
  4. Have to sell Bees, 9 hives and equipment for sale, upstate NY.

    I have recently developed an allergy to bees. In the interest of not returning to the ER, I have decided to sell. I have 9 hives, a motorized extractor, and multiple extra pieces of equipment. I even...
  5. Thread: Queen candy

    by BeeNurse

    Re: Queen candy

    Why would it be illegal to use Honey ?? What is the risk ??
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    Re: Swarm control, have we been doing it wrong?

    Just a simple question. You state 17000 cubic inches, that is about 5-6 deeps ? Do many people keep hives that big ?? I do plan on trying breaking the dome. I appreciate new knowledge.
  7. Re: So far, we're in a fairly chilly spring spell

    I feel your pain, about the same, here in the Adirondacks.
  8. Re: Period for main nectar flow in Southern New England

    How about Upstate NY, the Dandelions came and went, a few wild flowers, apple trees are doing fine. I have read that the apple trees do not do much for the flow, but are consumed primarily to boost...
  9. Re: Warre vs Lang- adding to top and bottom. Bees like to move up or down ??

    I appreciate the input. If 90% of the people are doing something one way, there is a reason. I have to be careful, as I have a tendency to try to "Re-invent the Wheel".
  10. Warre vs Lang- adding to top and bottom. Bees like to move up or down ??

    I am having some confusion. In the WARRE hive they state bees prefer to move down in the hive. So... the brood nest works it's way down, with stores building up, then in fall, brood nest backfilled,...
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    Re: Happy Easter Everyone

    May your have a happy and Blessed Easter as well. Also a quick "Thanks" for the advice you have provided over the years.
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    Re: Heating before uncapping

    How much does heating increase yield ??
  13. Re: Two Queen hive, how do they know when Qweenless ??

    Sounds like a good reason to have a two queen system. Having a backup queen, a nice insurance to the hive survival. If one hive goes queen less, the bulk of the resources go to benefit the other...
  14. Re: Two Queen hive, how do they know when Qweenless ??

    Sorry about the typo's I meant "shared and scent".
  15. Two Queen hive, how do they know when Qweenless ??

    If I set up a two queen set-up. (Two deeps with queen excluders and a shred honey super in the center.) If one of the queens die, how do they know. Will they be confused by sent of other queen, that...
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    Re: are slatted racks superfiuous

    Will this matter if I decide to switch to top entrances?
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    Re: sugestions on why fermentation failure

    Just a thought. I once thought I had bad yeast, but ended up, I just had a bad seal on the pail. It does not take a big leak to make it appear to not be working. How I discovered this was by pushing...
  18. Thread: Oak a mead?

    by BeeNurse

    Re: Oak a mead?

    Is there a difference in using Red Oak, vs White Oak ? How would it effect flavor ??
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    Re: OAV with a heat gun

    What keeps the OA from being blown out the end, is there a mesh screen? How long does it take to treat a hive with this setup ?
  20. Any advantage of Fondant over sugar bricks ??

    Is there any advantage of using Fondant over Sugar Bricks. Bricks are easier to make, but is the water incorporated into Fondant a benefit to the bees ??
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    Re: Lees for Bee feed?

    I would love to see a reply to this thread. I make wine, and would think that all that yeast would be a good protein source.
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    Re: Grave Robbers?

    Not pollen, but if you have a Dead Out with honey, that will disappear quickly. It can even look like Busy Hive.
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    Re: Grave Robbers?

    I have fallen for the mistaken idea that a hive was BUSY, when it was a Dead Hive, being robbed out !! Anyone else note this activity ??
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    When to add/remove feeding shims ??

    Last year I left my feeding shim, 2" on too long, and ended up with brood attached to the bottom of my quilt box. I hated cutting it away, but had no other way to move top box to bottom. Please...
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    Re: Best way to do a couple of frames

    While feeding, I noted my stronger hives had excess. they have 2 deeps, fairly heavy, and a medium full. I took 2 medium frames off of two of them, and fed, just to make it up. I have an extractor,...
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