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  1. Why is my queen bee sticking her head in a cell fro 10 minutes at a time ?

    I have an obervation hive and I watch the bees sometimes for 30 minutes or so. Tody I was watching the queen lay and as usual she went from cell to cell measuring the cell opening with her arms and...
  2. What the .......just happened with this swarm?

    Yesterday, as I was inspecting a hive in the beeyard, I looked over and saw a small swarm gathering on a bush by some of my hives. I grabbed a 5 gallon bucket and knocked them down in it. after...
  3. What the .......just happened with this swarm?

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    Re: When to harvest queen cells

    Best calendar on the internet. Just put in the date you graft and boom....print it out.
  5. Re: ejecting workers with deformed wing virus

    I watch my hives all the time. I had a 3 frame observation hive last summer until this spring in my house, and Ill take a lid off and watch or film regularly. Bees regularly cast out really small...
  6. Re: Nurse bees chewing down capped queen cells

    I would guess that it was the queen that was released into the hive that tore down the cells, not the nurse bees. Once the cell was tore down and the queen larvae was stung by the new queen, the...
  7. Re: Tough lesson for a couple of first year beeks

    Umm, how do you attempt to from a hive faster than you should ?
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    Re: Fighting after new nuc insatll

    The black bees with the bald thorax are probably your bees, but they are "robber bees." They look like they have no hair because they are covered in dried honey or syrup and its like a coating of...
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    Re: Bees are "scrubbing" entrance

    I havent seen anyone give a definate answer on what they are doing, I dont think anyone really...
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    Re: Hows everyones hives doing?

    DAvid LaFerney, where would you say the flow "Flow" is at. Done ? A few weeks left ? Im in middle TN and assuming its the sane here as it is where you live, but I havent seen much new surplus honey...
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    Re: strange queen behavior

    I'm wondering if its possible that a queen cell hatched and a virgin killed your queen. Why ? Because the behavior you are describing is exactly that of a new virgin queen. Scurrying all over the...
  12. Added frame of eggs to queenless hive, and nothing ?

    I added a frame off eggs to what I thought was a queenless hive and its now a perfectly sealed frame of brood. The hive swarmed and then threw another swarm. After a few weeks I checked them and...
  13. Re: Total failure, need advice and encouragement with 10 hives.

    Theres something about having your favorite queen having daughters thats just makes you smile. Nothing prettier than a big fat mated queen. Im partial to the lighter Cordovans but Ive always had...
  14. Re: Total failure, need advice and encouragement with 10 hives.

    peteloringburst: All my hives were overwintered in single deeps, and early April, I added a 2nd deep and put half the brood nest in the top half of the hive, over the top of the rest of the brood...
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    Re: 20 years and still learning

    If its sealed, it hasn't been killed, 99% of the time. If the side is tore off, its gone and you need to find another one.
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    Re: New beekeeper looking for comments...

    All i see is a few drone cells. Normal. The best way I can explain identifying different cells is, you will know when you see a queen cell. If you find yourself wanting to ask if its a drone cell or...
  17. Total failure, need advice and encouragement with 10 hives.

    This will be my 3rd year keeping bees. I started with 2 hives the first year, added a package the beginning of the 2nd year, (last year) and ended with 9 hives from collecting swarms, doing a cutout...
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    Re: The Steep Learning Curve

    Thats my biggest issue, squashing bees. I left space in between lots of my frames to try and not squish bees. Don't do it. I have a few frames that have comb thats 3 inches think (total) as each time...
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    Record keeping after a swarm.

    I use Hivetracks to do my record keeping. Ive done decent job at keeping up with my queens history and pertinent information. I have a 2 year history of a hive and the queen and 5 or 6 inspections...
  20. Re: Rehiving a swarm to an established hive, can it be done ?

    Thanks everyone for replying, I was thinking it made sense and followed the laws of the bee kingdom but Ive never seen anyone talk or post about it.

    I like having more hives as well but Im trying...
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    Re: Help make the call.

    I was one of the first ones to respond to your post and didn't get the context that you were speaking of regarding the weather. Shipping wasn't mentioned once. So, to me......the weather being a...
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    Re: Help make the call.

    I would never buy anything under any circumstances under the policy of " If everything works out, i'll ship your item, but if it doesn't, I'll keep your money anyway"

    Am I missing something here...
  23. Rehiving a swarm to an established hive, can it be done ?

    Has anyone ever put a swarm on an established hive ? Two of my hives have swarmed in the past two days. Both of them had already been given plenty of extra room, (2nd deeps) had frames in the hive...
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    Re: Visual difference in Mated Queens?

    Ive been keeping bees for 3 years and been really interested in queens and mating and how to tell the difference in queens in different stages. What ive learned from my own experience and from...
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    Re: New Honey Bee Photos

    thank you both for looking and commenting !
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