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    Re: Cloudy honey - first time I've seen this

    I crushed and strained a couple of frames a few weeks ago and it was, and still is, cloudy. The frames I took it from had a lot of pollen in it them and the honey has a strong smell of the pollen. ...
  2. Re: Hot hive, how long to wait to requeen after new queen is laying?

    Skunks are very possible, but I have 4 hives close together and the other 3 seem "normal" to me. I'll see how the hive is in a month or so, by then I'm guessing the new brood should be emerged and...
  3. Re: Some pics from the hive that I thought was going to swarm last week.

    Basically, because I didn't know what I was doing. LOL This colony seemed to be building up quick and had built out the second deep and I saw the cells when they were queen cups and since a few...
  4. Hot hive, how long to wait to requeen after new queen is laying?

    One of my queenless hives I previously posted about was considerably hot while queenless as expected, however, last week and this week I've seen the queen and see eggs and brood in the frames but...
  5. Some pics from the hive that I thought was going to swarm last week.

    Here are some pictures of the hive that I posted about seeming like they were superseding or swarming. I pulled the old queen out and a few frames of eggs/brood and made a new hive; I left this hive...
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    Re: scale for honey


    I'm not necessarily OCD but I appreciate accuracy and "like to know". :) I bought a scale off the "big A online place", and did what others suggested here, tared the scale and filled some...
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    Eastern Shore area beeks: flow left?

    Any Eastern Shore area beeks know (or can guesstimate) how much longer the flow will be? My very un-educated guess is about 3 weeks. Of my 4 hives that I was hoping on having a decent honey crop...
  8. Re: Transfered the queen to another hive by accident.

    Not back filling the brood nest, it's full of mostly capped bees right now.

    One frame has what I'd call a superceedure cell on it, mid frame, about 1.5" long and running vertically on the...
  9. Transfered the queen to another hive by accident.

    I posted here that I had some issues with a hive being queenless. Well I pulled a frame from a nearby hive to give to them. When I popped the lid today I noticed it wasn't so hot and the second...
  10. Re: How do you know if there is a 'flow' going on?

    I've seen the same thing this year, the 4 hives that came out of winter have mostly back filled the entire brood boxes. I thought all 4 went queenless but I'm now guessing that only 2 did, while 2...
  11. Thread: Most hives?

    by Dale_3rd

    Re: Most hives?

    Seemed to be a fairly frequent number in this thread...9 hives; which is what I have at the moment. I'm looking to go into winter with 10 and stay around 10 or so.
  12. Re: I think I've got a problem, queenless hive...

    My "big" hive that I was having so much problems with I think is back to queenright. Queen cell appeared to have hatched out and I see new eggs and larva. Eggs are center of the cells and on the...
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    Re: Black Locust/ Linden Tree honeyflow

    I'm by no means an expert and haven't been keeping record of the blooming periods. However, traditionally here our black locust blooms the first week of May, IIRC (going on long ago memory of my...
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    Re: Foraging Hours?

    I too had this same question. Got a swarm trap that has a colony in it, guess it's a trip to the farm they are on after dark to seal off the entrance.

    Do you hive them at night or wait until...
  15. Re: I think I've got a problem, queenless hive...

    Thanks for the replies...gotta roll with the punches I guess.

    I guess I'll see how it looks in a few weeks. The 2 swarms I caught I think will be able to draw out the second deeps by the end of...
  16. Re: I think I've got a problem, queenless hive...

    Okay, not sure if I have a mess or not.

    First, I don't know what I did wrong this year, but I certainly made mistakes, problem is, I don't know WHAT I did wrong so I won't repeat it next year. ...
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    Re: nectar flow just starting in Maryland

    LOL, that was funny! Wife was wondering what I was laughing about.
  18. Re: I think I've got a problem, queenless hive...

    Went frame by frame in the previously swarmed hive but wasn't able to spot the queen. There were a lot of bees so I could have easily missed her. Still LOTS of open honey in the brood chamber,...
  19. Re: I think I've got a problem, queenless hive...

    This was in the box with the captured swarm (so old queen, correct?) The comb I used in the hive was from a hive that died out over winter and I don't remember seeing a huge queen cell like I saw in...
  20. I think I've got a problem, queenless hive...

    One of my hives from last year swarmed 3 weeks ago. I caught the swarm and hived them in a 10 frame box with drawn comb from a hive that died over winter. The hive that swarmed seemed to have a LOT...
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    Getting bees to use top entrance?

    I've got 4 hives this year that made it through the winter. Had 5, one died out, bought 3 new packages, 2 hives swarmed but I was able to catch 2 swarms so now I have 9 hives in total. Of the 4 old...
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    Re: 2 more Dead outs

    I must have lucked out this year; I thought I'd lost 2 of 5 but only lost 1 of 5, so I'm real happy. Sorry to hear you lost your bees, it's a sad thing I know. The year before last, my first year,...
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    Re: How do YOU mix 50 gallons of syrup?


    Lots of similarities isn't it! Seems like a LOT of fun things involve, sugar, burners, large kettles, tubing and hoses, LOL!!

    Speaking of which, those that are handy could rig up...
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    Re: One packet versus two of Yeast

    It's been a long time since I've made mead, but generally those packets are good for 5-6 gallon batches. Personally, I like to make a yeast starter; I've found that when it comes to yeast, more is...
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    Re: undergound hive near my honey bees

    Sounds like ground bees, aka, yellow jackets. They are mean as fire and deserve a 1/2 gallon of gas dumped down the hole with a rock on top.

    Of all the stinging insects, I loathe a yellow...
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