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    Re: filtering wax

    I used paper towels in my solar wax melter, but butter muslin…oh my, that makes the wax so BEAUTIFULLY clean and smooth. I now use it for all FINAL filtering prior to using the wax in products.
  2. Re: Is it true that bees only bring in Pollen when they have a queen?

    Not true, at all. Bees will bring in nectar and pollen (it's what they do if nectar and pollen is available) regardless if there's a queen or not.
    When someone was making my first nuc for me, she...
  3. Re: Anyone own a Dadant M00505 Deluxe Solar Wax Melter

    I made a solar wax melter for about 6 or 8 dollars. Works well, easily disassembled and stored:
    There are several ideas online, I...
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    Re: Beetle problem

    Freeman beetle traps. I no longer use oil, just fill the tray with diatomaceous earth and when it's time to change that, I just dump it out on the ground for some extra ant and earwig deterrent.
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    Re: Api Life Var - application

    One wafer, broken (or cut--it cuts very easily with scissors), into 4 pieces. Each piece placed on each of the 4 corners of the TOP brood box (do not place directly over the brood frames). To avoid...
  6. Re: Best way to feed honey back to the bees?

    LeonardS, as promised, I checked on my hives and found they took down most of the quart jar of honey I had in there. When I was extracting my honey harvest this year, I also extracted the uncapped...
  7. Re: will bees move capped honey to brood boxes

    So one hive consists of 5 deep hive bodies? What about the other one?
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    Re: Bees held for ransom

    That's unbelievable. If they were going to kill it, clearly because they couldn't get money for it, then why not give it to an animal shelter? What is wrong with people?
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    Re: Bees held for ransom

    I can't even begin to tell you how loudly I laughed on the train this morning when I read this. Thank you for the early morning hilarity.
  10. Re: Best way to feed honey back to the bees?

    I just did this on Sunday using a mason jar in one hive and the capped frames in the others. I'm going home after work to check on how well they took the honey down to the deeps and I'll be able to...
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    Re: Price of Pint Jar of Honey

    I tried to copy and paste the picture of my honey jars but I don't have the original file accessible, so I have to settle with a link to my blog post. Scroll all the way down to the last picture and...
  12. Re: Yellow Jacket Wasps and Hornet problems!

    Make traps: use a clear soda bottle and clear soda so you can enjoy the view of dead critters.
    Make a hole in the top "shoulder" of the soda bottle, save the cap and cap the bottle when you're done...
  13. Re: What is it you love most about beekeeping?

  14. Re: Starting to feel more like an exterminator

    Until you get better at this, a good practice to get into is to locate your queen first before moving things around too much, just to avoid squishing her inadvertently.
    So when you find the frame...
  15. Re: What is it you love most about beekeeping?

    So many things! Watching them do everything that they're supposed to do: collect nectar and pollen, raise baby bees, make queen cells, attack me when they don't like my visits. The latest amazement...
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    Re: Hive tool PSA

    Enjoyed that, thank you. Hope you're right as rain now.
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    Re: 8-19-2014 Swarm

    shawbran, why would you squish a swarm queen in favor of the queen of a "kinda weak hive"?
  18. Re: Sugar water in honey super mistake

    Costa, this forum should just be about giving advice and not berating people, but alas...

    Onto your question: It's not that the capped sugar syrup is not good for human consumption, it's just that...
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    Re: Help with adding a super or not?

    I think you need to decide (or even better, find out from a local beekeeper), what the normal overwintering arrangement is in your area: is it two deeps or 1 deep and a medium or 2 mediums, etc?
  20. Re: Queen Marking Fail -or- Can you spot the Queen?

    This is a good lesson for those fearful of marking queens: you can mess up but the queen still lives, the bees don't ball her and she keeps laying!
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    Re: Refractometer

    Our bee club has a honey refractometer. Is yours an el-cheapo one like mine or a nice one like the club's?
    The club's refractometer was calibrated by using a member's honey which had a known...
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    Re: Cleaning or Filtering Wax

    I use a homemade solar wax melter: get a styrofoam cooler (you will not need the lid), a tall plastic bin that will sit inside the cooler, a regular sized paper towel, a rubber band and a sheet of...
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    Re: Fourth day with robbers on 4 hives

    Open feeding is not generally a good idea. Honestly, if they're looking for food and you know your hives are doing the robbing, then feed them. Post an update when you can.
  24. Re: What are you selling your honey for in quart and pint glass jars in VA?

    I'm in Maryland and sell mine for $10 a pound. A pint of honey is more than that, I believe that would be $15.

    Ten dollars per pound is standard pricing at the fairs and festivals...
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    Re: Fourth day with robbers on 4 hives

    Feed all the hives.
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