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    Fall nuc demand

    Is there a big demand for nucs after july
  2. Fall flow predictions for south east

    My mentore had bees last year raise bees after all the rain and cool weather and built two deeps of honey full. I'm debating encouraging my bees to build up and take advantage of a fall flow that...
  3. Africanized bees over wintered in Colorado
  4. Re: Beekeeping 50 Years From Now: Projections From Beekeeping Pros

    a hope or miracle for beekeeping would be huge increase in bio diesel and a huge price increase in weed killer.
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    Re: africanized bees a resource

    good advice on reqeening. I've seen study's say there are 200-300 africanized nests per square mile and they swarm every 6 weeks and multiple times. that's pretty abundant supply of starts just have...
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    africanized bees a resource

    is there a business where u cutout or swarm trap africanized hives and swarms and requeen them and sell them. its my understanding commercial rebuild there numbers in africanized areas.
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    africanized bees a resource

    are people removing africanized bees requeening them and selling them. I heard commercial rebuild bee hive numbers in this way
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    Re: Winter Loss

    I lost two to late pesticide use and a lot of robbing to death but nothing like last year. out of robbing17 I've still got tires13 . but my chicens won't be hatching till end of February. lost a...
  9. southern south america. honey bee

    What kind of honeybee sub species is located in southern south America.
  10. Re: How much money can a beekeeper make in a year owning 100 hives?

    How far your willing to go and your location cuts into profitability. Pollinating late honey and bees are main sources of income. In my area apple pollinating is only agriculture and place is heavy....
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    spring build up question.

    Im thinking if I start feeding heavy last week of February I could get a deep of. Foundation drawn and split. The hives by the first of April. Am I thinking right.
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    Re: honey management

    I was thinking of ordering a queen from a separate line each year to raise from to keep adding genetics and keep productive hybrids in outyards.
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    Re: Attach of the Killer Bees

    I wonder the same thing myself about nc
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    Re: honey management

    I apricate the replies. And info it sounds like making a split at beginning of flow with queen and open brood. Do y'all like the hybrids better
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    honey management

    I want to know people's secrets for honey production. And how. Do u use hybrid queen s and excluders.
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    Re: Swarm too high

    Look up what a throw ball is. If they are on good sized limb pull up frame of open brood and bees will climb on and lower them down a few at time depending on how fast they get on sometimes they jump...
  17. Re: Favorite queen rearing system and why?

    I take a empty frame with wedge in cut a strip of eggs and small larvae and use wire to attach the strip and crush every other cell and use newer wax for the foundation strip put above double brooder...
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    Re: Queen cells and virgins

    Man glad to see Im not the only one with that problem. Made early splits and 3 out of six were sucesful I also went back in and seen some after they hatched. I've gatta kill some birds. Lol
  19. Re: Virgins hatch in mating nuc and then the bees kill them

    The older the bees get the less aceptance ull get after three queens ether leave them a queen or make new mating nuc. Three is what commerical people do.
  20. first swarm march 16 rutherford county nc

    Went to do cut out and swarm came out of side of house double wammy. Got a 8 pound swarm and got 4 pound cutout. Whoo! Hope my luck keeps going.
  21. Re: How do you KNOW that mites caused the hive to crash?

    It could be yearly conditions like no late nectar flow in combination with ever one breeding to shut down with out a nectar flow. New viruses spread through like a plague . Queen gets parasited...
  22. Re: What to do with Hive that didn't survive

    Close up entrance to keep pest out.
  23. Re: What to do with Hive that didn't survive

    If it has capped stores close up entrance either order queen and split or make a three frame split with eggs as soon as u see drone eggs capped and shake a good amout of bees in old foragers will...
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    Re: Supering at the almonds

    The question is probaly awnsered by ur situation is the amount of extra freight cost of supers cheaper than buying hfcs or sugar when u get them back to where ur going is the bloom still early. If...
  25. Re: Cut out under house: looking for input

    Yall didnt mention the inconvence of a place like that.back and neck arms about to fall just future reference s for all those in same situation
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