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    storing dry supers--are SHB a problem?

    I have 6 supers that I extracted from, then gave them back to the hives to dry them up, and I am now ready to store them criss-cross in my screen porch. In the past I stored them in plastic...
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    Re: Can feeding fondant cause robbing?

    My two small nucs seem to love fondant: they are taking good chuncks of in a matter of days. They each had a little less than 2 frames of bees and very few stores. I have not put robber screens, and...
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    Can feeding fondant cause robbing?

    It's summer and dearth in Atlanta. I have started feeding fondant to two small nucs in my beeyard. So far no robbing, even though I do not have robber screens on. I was told by a senior member of the...
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    Re: Does fondant make it to the honey supers?

    OK, I will feed them to help them finish some foundanless frames and store fondant and whatever they else choose on them, and wil not pull any honey frames for the fall. I have never pulled any fall...
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    Does fondant make it to the honey supers?

    I pulled some honey supers off my hives, and I have left them some for the rest of the summer and winter. I was thinking of feeding them some fondant now, during dearth, which does not cause robbing....
  6. Is glucose syrup just corn syrup for making fondant?

    I am interested in making some fondant to feed a couple of my nucs (and avoid robbing, as I have heard). I have seen a video in:...
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    Re: Feeding nucs during dearth?

    Good point about drips and leaks on the outside. As for feeding pollen, there is plenty in Atlanta always, and my past attempts to feed pollen have slimed the hive because of SHB. So, no pollen for...
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    Feeding nucs during dearth?

    In my bee yard, I have three mature hives (one deep and 4 supers) as well as two 5-frame nucs with young queens and 1 1/2 frames of bees. I want to feed the nucs to build them up for the winter. I...
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    SHB: a curse for beekeeping in Georgia

    I have lost nucs that later got slimed by SHB, but what happened to me yesterday was the worst event in my 6 years of beekeeping. I had a 2 deep 4 super hive that came out of the winter very strong...
  10. Re: Help, my hives keep throwing swarms. What do I need to do?

    Same problem here in Atlanta: despite my checkerboarding and giving them 5 supers on top of 2 10-frame deeps in March-April, my two strongest hives swarmed multiple times and now have no sign of...
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    Re: Best way to place queen cell in hive

    Great photo Lauri, it explains it all very well. Do you leave an empty frame though, next to the one with the queen cell? Else how do you avoid it from getting squished?
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    Re: queenless hive: some are bringing pollen?

    The dilemma is this: this Thursday I am picking up some queen cells which are due to emerge Friday or Saturday. I was planning to put one in the queenless hive. If the hive has a virgin queen, she...
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    Re: Is this a hive beetle?

    Not round enough. In my opinion, not a SHB like the ones we have in Georgia.
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    queenless hive: some are bringing pollen?

    I checked one of my strongest hives (one deep, 4 supers), and found 7 old open queen cells, but also not a single cell of capped no brood.
    The bees are bringing in nectar, but I also noticed a few...
  15. where to buy clear plastic trays for comb honey?

    I have some foundationless frames which are filling well so far and I am planning to cut them out to 4''x4'' squares. Where can I find clear plastic trays for comb honey? Kelley's has them but in...
  16. Re: how much to ask for placing 1-2 hives in a garden?

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments. I have not yet heard from the resident, but my understanding is that he likes to have bees in the garden, in his backyard of his house. I have...
  17. Re: how much to ask for placing 1-2 hives in a garden?

    You raised an excellent point: making sure that no insecticides are involved when the bees are placed. Stavros
  18. how much to ask for placing 1-2 hives in a garden?

    I've been contacted by some residents about 15 mins away from my house who used to have bees in their graden but no they longer do. They asked me if I could place 1-2 hives (ideally 2 would be best...
  19. Re: which clear stain to choose to paint some supers?

    Thank you all for your suggestions--very useful. It seems that staining wood is trickier than I thought. Since the main nectar flow is starting in Atlanta and I want to get the supers on the hives as...
  20. which clear stain to choose to paint some supers?

    So far I have painted all of my bee equipment white latex, but I got 5 supers with beautiful wood and I want to paint them (on the outside that is) with a durable clear stain which is not harmful to...
  21. keep a package inside the heated house or in the unheated basement overnight?

    I just drove home with a package of bees, and it is dark already and plan to install it tomorrow. It is very windy outside and low is 40F. Should I keep the package overnight inside our heated house,...
  22. Re: How can I eradicate honey bees from the recesses of a banyan tree trunk?

    Well said Margot1d.
  23. Re: Georgia Beekeepers - anyone seeing swarms yet?

    Two swarms already reported in our local bee club in the metro Atlanta area. The season has begun.
  24. Re: Honey Hive Farms, Give away!!! Win One of Three Prizes for 2014!!!

    Please count me in! Stavros
  25. Re: when can I open+feed a swarm in a swarm-trap?

    mtndewluvr, you were right. I peeked into the swarm box today and there were no bees there. Only a couple of bees, taking pollen. I guess pollen is really attractive to them though we have loads of...
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