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  1. Re: Queen cup behaviour question with video

    Thanks for the replies, great info!

    Wish me luck on my first split... Assuming there is an egg in there do you think this weekend could be a good time? Week days are a bit tricky due to work and...
  2. Queen cup behaviour question with video

    Hi my bees have been showing a lot of interest in queen cups, just wondering what you might think they are doing and how far advanced they are?

    I could not see...
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    Re: Top Entrance -- Pros & Cons?

    Sorry for your losses FVG. I saw in your blog you were considering thicker walls, you should definitely consider this further as temperature really can be the Achilles heal of the TBH in cool...
  4. Re: Jon Entine debunks theory linking neonic pesticides to honeybee collapse

    You guys are hilarious... Beeologics??? seriously?? A company bought out for 116 million dollars 4 years ago yet only have a skeleton webpage with 2 news entries since 2011... you're getting...
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    Re: New TBH Beekeeper -broken comb!

    Shanna if you look at the diagrams in the Les Crowder book he has one of doing a cutout where he lays up the brood combs at the back of the hive spacing them with sticks, until all brood has emerged,...
  6. Re: Caucasian bee (apis mellifera caucasica) VS AMM (apis mellifera millifera)

    Wing morphometry could be a reliable way to tell as AMM are one of the only races to show a Negative Discoidal Shift. It takes a little time to prepare but gives very easy to measure results. The...
  7. Re: Energy, honeybees, and humans. 94 minutes long.

    Thanks for the link. I can't believe the National Honey Show didn't upload this themselves it would have had waaay more views weeks ago....
  8. Re: Jon Entine debunks theory linking neonic pesticides to honeybee collapse

    I wonder how much he was payed by bayer / Monsanto to publish this drivel.
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    Re: Winter cluster size descriptions

    Thanks to you both, that is at least very encouraging. I will pass on your complements to the ladies Vance!

    I had assumed those terms were common amongst most beekepers but thinking about it it...
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    Winter cluster size descriptions

    Hi, I'm trying to get a feel for what it actually means & looks like when bees are described as Prolific, Semi-Prolific, Frugal, winters well on a small cluster etc..

    What are the sizes in terms...
  11. Re: 10 Frames (32mm) Nationals - Space on sides of hives

    In a strong honey flow they may not get the time or space to adjust the comb thickness as it requires moving nectar around, they will simply build a "half" comb attached to the side of the box which...
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    Re: How many mating flights: one or several?

    Hey Eduardo there was an excellent talk done by Jamie Ellis recently on the biology of the Honey Bee. He talks about mating between the 10th and 20th minute of the talk with quite a bit of detail....
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    Re: Need some help with splitting

    thanks for the extra info :) The queen issue is something I worry about! mine is very hard to find too so I may have to shake the bees through a queen excluder which is another risk too. at least you...
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    Re: Need some help with splitting

    Rick that sounds very similar to what I intend to do this spring, if all goes well! Mind sharing what frames went into the nucs? also what resources were on each frame (if any)?
    Cheers :)
  15. Thread: Ivy honey

    by Charlie King

    Re: Ivy honey

    Definitely an under rated honey IMO. Strong flavour with medicinal overtones and crystallises very quick so you need to harvest it before it is capped over and then cream it with a seed honey....
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    Re: Lost my first hive in 5 year

    Unlucky thebeemanuk, its unbelievable they would abscond at this time! any suspicions why? Not related, but mind sharing if your hives were totally broodless, Im waiting to do some OAV myself...
  17. Re: IWF film on Selection of honey bees for yield and behaviour

    Good watch ,very clear & methodical so thanks for posting :)

    although, as much as it makes sense, its a bit depressing that they say 100 breeder colonies from 1000 hives to get optimal results !
  18. Thread: pollen?

    by Charlie King

    Re: pollen?

    This is a good one if you want a bit more detail..
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    Re: top bar numbering?

    I didn't write numbers or letters as moving the bars around seems pretty important in tbh keeping, but I did write the month (+ year ) the comb was drawn and whether it is drone or worker cell...
  20. Re: Bee Behavior - Entrance Reducer & Robbing

    I recently read that robber bees can pass nectar too ( for example, from the inside of a crack in the hive to their allies outside of it!) Probably guard bees checking out the new arrivals though.
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    Re: creamed honey setting solid

    Most of my flows involve crystallising honey so creaming is something I'm having to get used to.. thanks for the info on moisture content, I harvested some English Ivy a few weeks ago and creamed it...
  22. Re: Virtual Hive Inspection Please? New TBH keeper.

    They look a little hungry, you want to see a nice capped honey arch of 1-2 inch on most combs plus some full combs of honey at the edges ideally. No idea of your weather though so I could be a bit...
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    Re: Hi from Wales

    Hello Matin! It dropped to 8.5C today over this side.. did not see any activity at the entrance at all , very sad :( what bees have you got in there ? locals ?
  24. Re: Any other causes of k wing besides mites and nosema???

    Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus is another possibility but you would likely see other symptoms too, Black bees etc.

    Also remember bee colonies...
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    Re: 1 bar observation hive

    Love it Txbeek! Such a beautifully simple idea... Making one for sure :)
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