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    Re: Foundation Question

    I run thirty deeps with foundationless, I string them with fifty pound mono fishing line, but if I started over today I would choose mediums which need no comb reinforcement. I use the Kelly F frame...
  2. Re: Beginner .. found wild hive behind my house

    Ditto with waiting until spring, wouldn't hurt to set out a feeder to give them a better chance to survive the winter. Join a bee club if you have one nearby, and get an experienced beek to help you...
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    Re: Burr comb and frames seething with bees

    You will find that you will get several answers from the same questions, a lot of this is due to location where the bees are kept, also whether a beek is foundationless or not, and the past...
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    Re: 4 Failed Hives!?

    Honey-4-all, I agree with you in general, just wanted to add something you may have missed, I really get tired of the one-upmanship attitude of some, and I certainly don't want you to put me in that...
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    Re: 4 Failed Hives!?

    Agnes, I think we need more info to diagnose your problem. Try to get someone local to look at it, the bee club mentioned may know of someone close to you, and for honey-4-all's befuddlement, there...
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    Re: Walk-away split question

    I have did the splits the way you describe, but found it only delayed swarming in a strong hive. If the hive is really strong and has the resources you could do two of them and have three hives and...
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    Re: # Hives Needed For Breeding

    7 should be enough since you also have feral colonies. If you have yours on foundation they may not have made very many drones, but the feral colonies should take up the slack. As for the traits...
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    Re: Acebirds one hive

    Brian, I certainly wouldn't write the hive off, I think it has a good chance of making it through the winter, because you have just decreased the amount of area the bees have to control.
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    Re: Excessive Pollen

    Sounds like a perfect top bar hive configuration to me.
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    Re: Hallmarks of a distressed colony

    From observations of my own bees I think the calm hive with low brood production and plenty of stores has an older queen that has cut back for winter, the active hive is a newer queen from this year...
  11. Re: To Feed or Not to feed ...that is the Question!

    I agree, do what you have to, to have bees in the spring. As to where you place the feed, in the hive box, or in the yard. It depends on how many bees you will be feeding that are not yours by...
  12. Re: Is it true that bees only bring in Pollen when they have a queen?

    I think the reason you have answers that are different may be due to factors such as location, ( i.e. what's available ) maybe laying workers, and mostly the genetics of the bees.
    I will have a...
  13. Re: Robbing - Cause and how to Prevent and Mitigate

    No your math is good, except I got it at Sam's for $18.00 for fifty pounds, after tax that's .37 per pound. It's gone up some since.
    I used quart jars so more bees could feed at one time. My...
  14. Re: Robbing - Cause and how to Prevent and Mitigate

    A little less than $4.00 per day ( 150 pounds left over ) slightly less than $10.00 per hive for the seventy five day dearth, About a pint per hive, not a quart. Community feeder away from the...
  15. Thread: Nozevit ?

    by stan.vick

    Re: Nozevit ?

    My neighbor got nosema in his hives, I looked for a preventive and found Nozevit, I researched it and found it sounded identical to what I used for steel trap dye, which I always made from red oak...
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    Re: TF until today

    The end goal should be keeping your bees alive with as little treatments possible, you did that, dead bees can't adapt. If ever I get in that position, I will also chose to treat.
    Where I would...
  17. Re: bee-friendly mosquito control for Atlanta?

    A couple of guys whose job it is to spray for mosquitos gave a talk on what they do at our beekeeping club. They said that to spray in the day time is almost useless, as well as spraying in the...
  18. Re: Robbing - Cause and how to Prevent and Mitigate

    I agree, my screens have helped with the robbing issue, I'd say it cut it down by eighty percent, but they can still get robbed sometimes, especially in a dearth. We have a long dearth here, about...
  19. Thread: TBH Entrance

    by stan.vick

    Re: TBH Entrance

    I have both TBH and langs, and have tried most all configurations of entrances. I find that an entrance at or near the very top and some screen in the bottom (not the whole bottom) is the best for...
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    Re: Found a exposed hive, what do I do?

    I'd contact a local bee club or ask someone on this forum to help you by supplying the equipment and helping you transfer them, as has been stated this would be easy for an experienced beek, but may...
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    Re: Goals for 2014

    Make bees pay their own way.
    Check-- if you don't count the countless hours of labor.
  22. Re: Over the phone threat on life over bee removal. lol

    Report it, that's what you pay taxes for, the problem about the possibility of catching them is for the police to ponder not you. Next time it may be a family member that takes the call, establish a...
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    Re: Regression Question

    I'd save myself a lot of trouble and just buy regressed bees. Ask around and you'll find some. I'm too far from you, but anyone that's been foundationless for three or more years and have not bought...
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    Re: Why Monitor???

    I treat the apiary near my home with Apivar because I sell bees off those colonies and the state of Georgia tells me I have to treat prior to selling bees. I don't count the mites, I don't treat...
  25. Re: Thinking ahead...Hive setup for winter...

    I'm a little south of you and will tell you what I do. You will need some top ventilation or you run the risk of drowning them with condensation. My screen bottoms comprise one third of the bottom...
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