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    Re: Hive Inspection Pictures

    nice photos I like thye idear of photographing all frames .don't like gloves my self nice girls
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    supers getting too heavy

    I guess I am getting older suppers seem heavy since my ski accident is there a device for lifting and moving supers solo ?
  3. Re: why do i often find the queen above the exccluder

    thanks alpha
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    Re: OK to leave all honey supers on?

    winters are cold here because it is humid and feels colder than out west where it is dryer .I am thinking of using wool above the inner cover sitting on screen frame and then house wrap over vent...
  5. why do i often find the queen above the exccluder

    I like to inspect 10 to 12 day intervals and remove swarm cells .I have found the queen above the 2 brood supers. i put empty drawn comb in the 2nd super and the frames with swarm cells removed...
  6. Hi from the eastern townships of quebec

    this is me 2nd time with bees
    lost 2 only hives 3or 4 years ago
    now i am back with 1 healthy hive I love the girls the honey is an added bonus
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