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    Re: BroodMinder

    Saw this on Wisconsin News Station about this product. Channel Madison Wisconsin.
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    Fried Honey Comb?

    My buddy, who helps me with the bees, came back from visiting family in Cambodia. He saw at a restaurant that they serve fried honey comb. A quick search on the internet showed a few recipes. A...
  3. Re: How to handle Interstate Bee Truck Overturns

    Being a firefighter and a LEO of 28 yrs. I would recommend rubber boots and leather work gloves in addition to the above. I picture the truck in a ditch or down a embankment with all sorts of road...
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    Re: Honey extractor?

    Check Craigslist - for a rental also - Thats how I found the guy that I rent the extractor from.
  5. Re: Looking for decent inexpensive extractor!!-- have only 2 hives...

    Check a local club - or even craigslist - I have seen one for rent from time to time.
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    Re: Why and How Did You Start Beekeeping?

    When my father was a kid, he use to run in the hills of Tennessee on the family farm. They had hives on the farm and they use to collect a few bees from the hives and wet their wings and put them on...
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    Re: Hive check (post them here)

    I lost 2 langs from mites, I started the two this year from packages, Starting again next year.
  8. Re: My 1st year as a beekeep has come to a end.

    Thanks everyone for all the responses -

    Mite counts were done with a three day sticky board sample. I did this twice over the summer the second time was after July, although not sure of the...
  9. My 1st year as a beekeep has come to a end.

    Well my first year of bee keeping has come to an end. I started taking a class from the County Farm Bureau, reading book and on the net and watching any info on youtube that I could bout...
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    Re: "Killer bees"

    This is what I found from three days ago

    Thousands of bees attack Texas couple, kill horses

    PANTEGO, Texas A swarm of about 30,000 bees attacked a North Texas couple as they exercised...
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    Re: From The Chive

    k. C. C. O.
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    Re: Bacon in honey?

    Hmmmmmmmm bacon - gods meat candy!!!!
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    Re: ? Wisconsin bee info

    My buddy and I were North on I 90 last weekend (June 14th) between Janesville and Madison, we passed two flat bed semi trucks loaded with hives. Where did you see them on the fields?
  14. After the swarm - concerned about the hive

    Two hives, one going gang busters, the second is a different story. The hive that I am concerned about (10 frame lange) was started from a package on new equipment. They had only drawn out about 6...
  15. Hive inspections - 1m 5 day opinions welcome.

    Location Chicago Metro Area, two hives West and East, both installed packages on 10 frame langs with undrawn foundation. Top feeder using 1 to 1 mixture. Hived my bees 4/20/13 queens released...
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    Re: Shift change at the hives?

    OK thanks - I thought they just went out during the day on a cleansing flight. I did not know they did it in mass. I guess they all get their 15 min break at once when the factory line is shut...
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    Shift change at the hives?

    An interesting day at the hives today, as a new beek I thought I would post it here and see if anyone else had seen this. Today was a great day in the Chicago area for weather, sunny, temps in the...
  18. Re: How long before I start seeing capped brood?

    I am close to you in IL and also installed on Apr 20th. I thought my hives would be a good comparison to yours as we are in the same area. I am seeing the same progress in two hives, middle 4...
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