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    Re: Ask Questions Here!

    Hi Solomon, I have not ysed any c hemicals this season adn now find two of my three hives queenless in November! What on earth can I do? Pam
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    Re: My Ant Proof Hive Stand Actually Works!

    Hi Charlie, We are going to build this but I can't seem to find the actual directions. I thought I had seen a step by step article, but "someone" lost it! Can you tell me how wide the stand is? Thanx...
  3. Re: Honey Harvest And How To Get Honey From A Bee Hive

    Hi, I know I should get an extracor BUT If that isn't feasable at this time, Is there any way to harvest honey WITHOUT crushing the comb? If I uncap it on the frame, can I just let it sit upside down...
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    Re: Harvest time!!

    Congrats to you and your bees!! I am wondering if there is a way to extract frames by hand without ruining the comb? Anybody? I want to preserve the comb but I am not ready to buy an extractor yet....
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