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    Re: 3/8" x 1 1/2" Resin Coated Staples

    I can't find any. The only ones I've found was from mann lake and another bee place selling them for the same price. I searched hi and low on the internet and couldn't come up with them.

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    Re: Food grade diatomaceous earth

    I got ours from a near by feed store. I was shocked that it was food grade and cheap.
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    Re: Cleaning Plastic Excluders

    I've soaked frame feeders in a lye water solution with bleach and I think I'd do the same thing if I needed to clean up plastic queen excluders. The longer you soak them the softer the organic stuff...
  4. Raisin sugar for feeding bees? Whats your thought about it?

    Hello everyone.

    I found an ad on Craigslist for raisin sugar.

    Here's a link to the ad.

    I'm curious what the experts have to say. I need...
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    Re: Pest control sprayed my trap out

    I would check with the land owner or if there is a management company with them first. Once you get the conformation from them that no one called then you have a case.

    I can't see someone coming...
  6. Wax Moths, Pollen Filled Frames and BT Azawaii

    Hello all.

    Can I spray the frames down and have success keeping the frames clean of wax moths? I have about 8 boxes that I've passed throw and cleaned up but I'm sure there's still babies or eggs...
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    Re: Chrystalized Honey

    I've heard 100-105 degrees.
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    Re: Pumps and feeding

    I use a sump pump in a 55 gallon plastic barrel.

    I'm pretty sure its this one.
  9. Re: Why are peole selling beehives on Craigslist at the end of August?

    I hear about guys down here buying hives so they can feed them early and split them right before almonds. I'm not trying to sell them here but I have some listed on craigslist right now. I would...
  10. Thread: Wax mosth's

    by beesohappy

    Re: Wax mosth's

    If you leave out the honey you could set off robbing. I'd put them on some of your weaker hives. I think as far as eggs go you'll probably be alright. Most of the time the wax moths start out in...
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    Re: Commercial Pollen Substitute

    Here's a number that I got from a guy from down your way for Keith. Worth a shot. Have you used his stuff before? I've heard good things about it.

    Kieth Jarrett
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    Re: Best method for checking stores?

    The way I can tell is to lift the hive and tip the hive from the back or the side or try to lift the hive. If I can tip the hive with some ease then they are light on stores. If I can lift a double...
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    Re: Simple Useful Hive Tool Mod

    It's the simple things like this that seem to give me the most gratifying aha moments.

    Thank you for sharing.
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    Re: 40" Nylon Spatula alternative

    Thank you for taking the time to help other.

    It's nice to know people care.
  15. Re: Robbing! What is the best time of day to feed and not set off robbing?

    Thanks Jim!

    That's exactly what I was looking for. My hives are set up exactly like yours were or are. It'll be interesting if mine show the same signs.

    BTW... I've heard your a good guy from...
  16. Re: Robbing! What is the best time of day to feed and not set off robbing?

    How much can a full single 10 frame deep take in a night?

    I have 1 gallon frame feeders in each hive. Should I fill them up?
  17. Whats better for winter store build up? Eucalyptus or tar weed?

    We have a patch of about 100 semi mature eucalyptus trees we can move our bees over to or 100 acres of tar weed.

    What would produce more nectar for the bees?

    Thank you.
  18. Robbing! What is the best time of day to feed and not set off robbing?

    I was in a yard (150 hives) yesterday and passed throw some of the weaker hives which set off robbing. Most the time I figured the bees aren't worth saving that are being robbed but this year...
  19. Re: First Year Hive with 4 Brood Frames in a 10 Frame Box by August

    Rolling the bees is when you slide the frames into a tight slot and they end up rolling as you slide it in. After your done in the hive slide all the frames together and with the last frame shack...
  20. Re: First Year Hive with 4 Brood Frames in a 10 Frame Box by August

    Something that will help you out is a pair of gloves. You'll have the confidence to get in their and work. Also, when you do need or want to have a look into the hive pull the outer frame out and...
  21. Re: Heat from electric knife really affect honey?

    I was just wandering.... if you put the knife in cold water for a few minutes while you did what ever you needed to do and then gave it a wipe down before you started up again would that help...
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    Re: Question on Queen Excluders

    I mainly deal with Mannlake because there close to me so if it was me and I only needed 20 or under then I'd go with these.

    HD-120 Metal Bound 10 Frame Excluder

    If you need more than I'd go...
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    Re: Fall Flow Is Starting

    Here, the star thistle is still going but looks like it'll be winding down and the tar weed it starting. The eucalyptus trees should be along anytime also. This year despite the drought we've done...
  24. Re: What to do with frames with SHB if hive dies?

    ggoodman I think meant to say "freeze".

    I'd go with burn them. I hate those nasty things.
  25. Thread: Taktic

    by beesohappy

    Re: Taktic

    Has anyone heard from ranchers or folks with livestock what their going to be using instead of.
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