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    Bees are uncapping some brood?

    I did my first split about 8 weeks ago from a strong hive. Gave them a mated queen (Wooten's Golden from California). Today I did first full inspection after letting them get well established. 7...
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    Re: water for bees

    I have two hives now and no neighbor complaints. I have a kiddie pool for the bees less than 100 yards from the hives. Now I want to add 2 more hives but wife is concerned that increasing the...
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    Re: I'm thinking about

    I have used screened inner covers with telescoping outer covers here in Georgia for more than a year (since starting to keep bees). I wanted to maximize ventilation due to summer temperatures in...
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    Re: Start now or wait until spring?


    If I were you I would go ahead and get a nuc or two of them ASAP and start feeding them. If the aster and goldenrod is good this Fall like it was last year, they will probably forage...
  5. Re: I have to KNow has anyone else seen this behavior much ?

    johnblagg, where did you get your queen for this hive? First time I have seen a video of that.
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    Re: cut comb honey

    Okay, so it sounds like I DO need to freeze the chunk comb, either before or after I submerge it in honey.

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    Re: cut comb honey

    I have a loosely related question about comb honey.

    My understanding is if you do "cut comb" you are cutting out a piece that fits in a box or specific container for the comb. If you do it that...
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    Re: Bood chamber make up


    This is my first winter also. I have two hives. Each has two medium boxes.

    As to the mechanics of what the bees do during winter, I read a lot about the cluster "moving" up to reach...
  9. Re: Swarm cells and supersedure cell together?

    I looked in the hive again this weekend that I was concerned about. I had put some empty comb in to "open up" the brood area. I was convinced I must have a laying worker due to all the drones I...
  10. Re: Swarm cells and supersedure cell together?

    I believe they are Italians.
  11. Re: Swarm cells and supersedure cell together?


    I have 2 hives and each has 2 boxes with 8 frames in each. I think by moving around several empty combs today they will have more space for honey, nectar, and brood. They have failed...
  12. Re: Swarm cells and supersedure cell together?

    I took another look at the frame with the swarm cells on it. I count 3 of them but upon looking at them closely, they all appeared empty to me. I looked at the frame that has the single queen cell...
  13. Re: Swarm cells and supersedure cell together?

    There is one frame on the side of the box they don't "like" that appears to have room for her to lay and there are a couple of frames with small amounts of unused comb also. But these are away from...
  14. Swarm cells and supersedure cell together?

    This is my first year beekeeping. I got a pretty late start and installed two packages on May 15 in 8-frame medium boxes.

    Thanks to great resources like Michael Bush, Linda Tillman, these forums,...
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    Re: Starting with foundationless frames

    I got started with 2 packages of bees in very late Spring this year.

    Some things I learned that have mostly already been mentioned in this thread or other threads....

    I put 2 medium frames of...
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    Re: Sour smell at hive

    Yep, now that you mention it, I paid attention today when I stood near the hives and did get that buttery smell, too.
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    Re: Sour smell at hive

    This is my first year of beekeeping and I'm glad I ran across some posts about the sour smell from aster/goldenrod before I actually smelled it this weekend in both my hives, otherwise I would have...
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