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  1. Re: Is "foundationless" the biggest BeeSource 2010 Hoax?

    So maybe the best idea for next few seasons is removing some combs from brood nest to give them space for drawing smaller cell combs. I will look at it and measure to know if regressing will occur.
  2. Re: Is "foundationless" the biggest BeeSource 2010 Hoax?

    Michael, thank you for advice. My bees draw naturally 5,1-5,3 mm cell size in brood nest so it is not SC. Probably I let few hives without combs replacing and will see if and when they chew it.
  3. Re: Is "foundationless" the biggest BeeSource 2010 Hoax?

    My first season of going foundationless bees draw almost two supers of drone combs. Looked like they were pent-up and enjoyed sudden freedom. The queen laid a lot of drone combs but not all. Next...
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    Hello from Europe

    Hello to all, I am Ivan from Czech Rep. interested in TBH and similar hive systems. Learning a lot from US beeks.
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