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    Re: Getting bees from a difficult place

    If you want the queen and all the bees, try to use a hive body with drawn comb, and cut or drill a nice entrance towards the rear of the hive body. Then place that hole you made over the entrance to...
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    Re: Another question from newbeek

    Usually they will draw when the need for room arises, such as brood and stores. Sounds like your bees are working, with 4 boxes on. Try and place the frames needing to be drawn out between 2 others...
  3. Re: Its that time of year for the Annual Ollie OD Frank swarmathon competition

    I am up to 4, no traps were placed anywhere, Had to place trap out for 2, removed one from chimney, and had a swarm today, in a tree beside my house, I was walking back from checking the bees, and...
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    Re: Small Hive Beetle in honey

    if you freeze the frames of honey for a few days, yes, make sure you place the frames of honey in a freezer type bag and once you remove it from the freezer give it a few days to reach room temp....
  5. Re: Hello from a new bee keeper in Virginia! :)

    Welcome Anna, I am another here in good ol Virginny, you have found a place with all the advice, answers to your questions and sometimes just good ol fun. You and your family have begun a wonderful...
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    Re: The right time to split a hive?

    I like to make my splits early in the year, enough time before the flow in order to build up the work force. Timing is crucial in order for the splits to build up and take advantage of the resources...
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    Re: ms bee from va

    Welcome Mary Layne, I am in good ol Virginny also, starting out will three, is a good way to start. Here you will have your fears calmed, answers to your questions and have a whole lot of fun. Again...
  8. Re: Medium frames in a deep box for swarm?

    They will build queen cells regardless, but as far as the medium frames in the deep box, don't worry about it, they will probably build drone comb on the bottoms. Then as they get crowded and you set...
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    Re: In central Va

    The flow is on, the weather has slowed things a bit, but there is nectar and pollen for the girls, and the bees here are storing. Now in the next few weeks you will see the bees get really busy. I...
  10. Re: Does anyone freeze honey and then give back to the bees?

    Freeze the frames of honey is OK, Just make sure you have the frames of honey stored in an air tight freezer bag, or freezer safe container. When you unthaw them, make sure you leave in freezer bag...
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    Re: New install

    And there you have the rest of the story
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    Re: How many hives is enough?

    Yeah goals would be the main factor I might suspect, but Then again how ever many one decides, as long as you are able and willing to maintain healthy, and vigorous colonies. I just made a split...
  13. Re: how long to wait until checking for queen laying (packages)

    I usually wait 4 to 5 days , check see if queen is released if not, see how the bees respond to her (are they feeding her, are they balling the cage?) if she is being accepted and not out I release...
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    Re: Hi from Franklin County, VA

    Welcome mlas, I used drive a truck and pick up milk at Burnt Chimney, always enjoyed the drive through that area and all that nice countryside. Bees will have plenty of forage. they may get into the...
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    Re: Bees flying in Middle Tennessee

    Undertakers were busy here today, from the sounds in the upper box I think they were moving a little honey too, One very alert guard head butted me in the nose, I guess I was being too nosey. Nice...
  16. Re: not sure where else to out this. would this be a good thing to apply for?

    I agree with your thoughts on Stimulus, but you think we have have had enough of Stimulus? In Virginia for 2012 there was an enormous surplus pertaining to Corporate Taxes, and then Mr. Gov. gave 7/8...
  17. Re: not sure where else to out this. would this be a good thing to apply for?

    I got the same notice, I say stick it, no fees for the bees, you have a list of thing the grant will cover, and Grant Money is not free money, it is money taken from us tax payers and then the money...
  18. Re: Anyone else noticing anyhing that's not normal this year?

    Mite introduction, SHB, Pesticides, chemicals to fight the pest, the bee was struggling to adapt ( but will to a certain extent) and in some cases couldn't.
  19. Re: Anyone else noticing anyhing that's not normal this year?

    Everything is constantly evolving, changing and adapting, we just have to adjust in tune with our surroundings, I feel with the honey bee, that so many things disrupted the natural evolution, now...
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    Re: Hello from Upstate SC

    Welcome Bobby, I am just down the road a bit, well more than a bit, but anywho welcome aboard, a place to ask question, get answers, get questions, ask answers and lots more, with honey on top
  21. Thread: Fogger

    by G'ville beek

    Re: Fogger

    yep you can do, check out the other form topic pest and disease
  22. Thread: Fogger

    by G'ville beek

    Re: Fogger

    Keswickb, I use approx. 20 to 25 drops of thyme oil for 16oz.
    I also add time to the sugar water Fall and Spring, if one has a good bunch of thyme growing around the bees will enjoy it when in...
  23. Thread: Fogger

    by G'ville beek

    Re: Fogger

    I use a fogger and have for a bit, I usually add some Thyme oil, Seems to knock down the mites, I feel it is a good management technique. The bees seem to enjoy it
  24. Re: Is a swarm catcher a good christmas gift?

    You know it would be a great Christmas Gift, where do I need to submit my mailing address?:D
  25. Re: How much "space" between deeps / supers is tolerable?

    Straight edge the tops and bottoms of the box, sounds as if you may have a corner high, might just be a little sanding will do the trick, it happens, swelling up with moisture, when fabricated out of...
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