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  1. Re: Treat swarm as new, or established colony?

    I really enjoy learning new things about these amazing creatures. Thanks for sharing your observations.
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    Re: Newbee from Illinois Levi's Bees

    Congrats. Welcome. You 'll love beekeeping. You 're first year is really exiting. My advise is don 't open the hive for about a week so they can settle in, as hard as it is. Good luck and have a...
  3. swarm traps - looking for feedback on height n location

    My sons and I will be putting up swarm traps this spring. Even if we catch our own hives' swarms that would be great. Id like to hear about others successes in terms of height. Other location...
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    Re: dead bees can come back to life?

    We were able to get some great photos since they were moving slowly at first. These bees had been in the snow for 30+ min.
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    dead bees can come back to life?

    I gathered "dead " bees from t snowy ground in front of my langstroth hive and put them under a heat lamp. After they had been underneath the heat lamp for a couple minutes they started to...
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    Re: Hive Feeding System

    Something to consider : you are creating a system that will attract critters and that you will need to work around. There are feeders that sit on top of the brood boxes yet underneath the inner...
  7. Is it just dead brood or something more serious?

    Several weeks ago, PDX had some 60+ degree days. I looked into my HTBH and found combs of honey with ... dead uncapped larvae underneath. I saw nothing to indicate disease, no ropyness or sign of...
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