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    Contact microphone, listen to bees

    I picked up a cheap contact microphone to help me find bees for a removal job in a massive building.

    The Contact microphone is cheap and I got it on eBay. It works really well, I haven't used...
  2. Re: How to find bees in massive brick/stone building?

    As a former archivist I will be contacting the archives tomorrow.

    This'll be interesting to see what actually works.

  3. Re: How to find bees in massive brick/stone building?

    Yeah, a real FLIR camera. I am the director of the local library and we used the fire department's FLIR camera to look at energy use in the library. It was amazing. Though, I am skeptical with...
  4. Re: Use Cleo Hogan traps....

    I wonder if just the honey itself would show up, or honey dye et al would simply be in their little tummies. This sounds like an interesting idea.
  5. Re: Use Cleo Hogan traps....

    The only exit to the outside is the chimney. The building is very, very tight. We set up what amounted to a Hogan trap but it wound up making bees come out of the walls. In the long run when we...
  6. Re: How to find bees in massive brick/stone building?

    We are charging time and materials. I am actually subcontracted, the situation is complex but I am being compensated.

    Maybe your right about the triangle escape slowing bees down too much...
  7. Re: How to find bees in massive brick/stone building?

    The whole building is occupied. The basement is IT. So, no bait hives in the basement.

    The campus has a central steam plant. So there's no heating system in the building per se, just how water...
  8. How to find bees in massive brick/stone building?

    I have an unusual bee removal project.

    It's in a 4 story building built around 1910 at a private college. Most walls are 3-4 courses thick. The bees, years ago, flew down a chimney and took up...
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    Re: Should I consolidate brood downward?

    I use slatted racks too. I find the bees do utilize the box differently, and in my opinion better for my purposes.
  10. Re: CT/ New England Beeks- when you pulling off supers?

    Um Yeah. Don't worry about pulling super honey this year. Just let it go. It sounds like you still need to feed.
  11. Re: CT/ New England Beeks- when you pulling off supers?

    Next weekend, then we're going to open feed after that. We'll lay in some pollen patty when we take off.

    We're looking at our best harvest yet. Bees really took off in the second half of the...
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    Re: when should honey supers come off?

    My rule of thumb here is finish feeding by Columbus Day.

    So, if you're going to need to feed after removing honey to get them into winter shape then plan it so you can introduce enough sugar...
  13. Re: Which bees leave in a swarm? Field bees? Hosue bees? Nurse bees?

    Well, I think it would better help me understand the condition of the swarmed hive.

    Beyond that I have been doing Taranov splits this past year and it has greatly reduced swarming and made very...
  14. Which bees leave in a swarm? Field bees? Hosue bees? Nurse bees?

    I've assumed it was mostly nurse and house bees that left in a swarm since they'd be better at drawing wax and would be around long enough to give brood rearing a good shot? I assumed the field bees...
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    Re: This years northern golden rod flow.

    I'm not sure we're seeing goldenrod in any large amount yet. The scale hives are putting on weight again, less than a pound a day, maybe five a week.

    When I smell the hives in the evening it...
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    Re: Winter Feeding

    Buy Diane Summataro's Beekeepers Handbook 4th Edition

    Internet forums are a poor way of understanding systemic questions like yours. Bees should be producing a surplus of honey and we take the...
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    Re: Winter Feeding

    Ditto. Feeding in the winter means you made a mistake earlier.
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    Re: Please help! Need a nuc or frames of brood

    Join your LOCAL CLUB. The internet is a very poor substitute for face to face contact with local beekeepers.
  19. How long do left behind bees live after a cut out?

    I did a cut out the weekend before last. Though we bee vacuumed and all there was still about a pint of bees left behind. The property owner wants to know how long these bees will continue to live....
  20. Re: What process do you use to clean an extractor after use.

    Let the bees clean it

    Remove motor/basket

    rinse with cold water and flake off what wax and propolis you can. The colder the water the better for this part.

    leave in sun to heat up.
  21. Re: As Swarms Startle New York, Officer on Bee Beat Stays Busy


    Since there wasn't any legal bee keeping they have a pretty strange situation. There must be a huge ratio of beginner bee keepers to old timers willing to dispense advice. There'll be a lot of...
  22. Thread: Stupid bees

    by taxonomy

    Re: Stupid bees

    I don't think the bees are stupid. Just uncooperative. This is called bridge or burr comb. It's really common.

    There is a difference.
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    Re: Mowing near hive?

    I find mowing early in the morning is best. Sometimes I mow the area around my hives before work and not when I mow the rest of my lawn. Even on a warm day if I get to them before about 6:30 they...
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    Re: Ventilating the Top A Good Idea?

    We run spacers between the inner cover and the top all year round in New England. More ventilation is almost always better.

    If the bees don't have brood to care for they have nothing to do but...
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    Re: Strong early honey in Upstate New York

    I live in an area with many locusts here in Western MA. I figured I must've missed the bloom though I watch blooms pretty closely. Maybe they didn't after all.
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