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  1. Re: Leaving off Fumagillin made no difference in survival rate - Thank Jim Lyon.

    Never used it and haven't seen evidence of Nosema...
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    Re: deeps vs mediums

    All mediums here. I will NOT use deeps for honey. Wayyyy too heavy.
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    Re: Green Drone Frames for mediums

    I can hunt for them. Thanks.
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    Green Drone Frames for mediums

    Does anyone that runs medium brood boxes use the green drone comb? The only green combs I see are for deeps. Is there any downside to just running the deep comb through a table saw to get it the...
  5. Re: I know I'm crazy, but what about a buried hive?

    How do you keep the hole from filling up with water after it rains?
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    Re: Work bees under canopy in rain?

    Thanks, yes, I know they'll all be there, but sometimes the schedule dictates otherwise. Would always want to open them up on a sunny mid-day if possible. I'd also minimize the work to do in the...
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    Work bees under canopy in rain?

    Does anyone have one of those portable 10x10 canopies and work their bees when it might be raining? I have a FT job and sometimes my schedule keeps me from getting to the hives when it is nice, and...
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    Re: Ortho Max to kill SHB ?

    I don't think it is a bad idea, just a fruitless one. If the larva have hatched and eaten enough out of your hive to reach maturity, the damage to your hive has been done. Drenches will indeed kill...
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    Re: reusing frames vs trashing them

    Or the resulting smaller bees are less attractive to varroa?
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    Re: Get a swarm or get a nuc/package

    Thing is, I don't want 5 hives. If'n I get extra bees, what does one do with them? I know this may be a stupid question but I really don't know the answer.
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    Get a swarm or get a nuc/package

    I'm in Memphis, TN...

    Now that I have a hive vacancy (they left), I need some bees to fill it. I have 2 nucs coming to replace the two hives I lost earlier.

    The nucs will be available around...
  12. Re: Hive absconded within the last month - Tennessee

    Could be... Thanks
  13. Re: Hive absconded within the last month - Tennessee

    I have another question - last week it was still below 20 here for a couple of days. What in the world is blooming here? I'm stumped as to where the surviving hive got all that nectar.
  14. Re: Hive absconded within the last month - Tennessee

    Beemandan, I'll check for varroa in those drone cells. But no, in the other hive, I didn't see evidence of varroa at all on the bees. Doesn't mean that's not happening, just didn't see any.

  15. Re: Hive absconded within the last month - Tennessee

    Michael, the hive was empty. Totally. It was about 3:30 here when we looked at that one, and if they HAD all left, some of them should have been returning by then...

    That would be great if they...
  16. Hive absconded within the last month - Tennessee

    Bad year for me - 3 out of 4 hives dead or missing. 2 last fall, and one in the past month. We've had a couple of severe cold snaps and weather where I couldn't go open up the hive. Yesterday was...
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    Re: Swarm Prevention

    From what I've read (and am going to implement this year), as long as you provide a path of empty drawn comb up into the box above, you will minimize and perhaps eliminate swarming, IF you do this...
  18. Re: small cell, foundation,foundationless questions

    I have a new radial extractor so I don't expect blowouts. Unless that's a naive viewpoint. Thoughts?

    You *could* go with small cell wired foundation in the supers. I don't think you will find...
  19. Re: small cell, foundation,foundationless questions

    I'm interested in why you're not going foundationless all the way. I plan to switch to foundationless over time, and all medium boxes, brood and supers. For maximum flexibility I am going to use...
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    How do you tell if you have a queen?

    I watched Michael Palmer's youtube video on determining if you have a queen, with fascination.

    However, I don't have extra queens laying around to use for a test.

    Without actually finding the...
  21. Re: What are some chemicals I need for my first year of beekeeping?

    I am in west TN, which is hot and humid, so we have trouble with hive beetles. Personally I haven't seen a lot of Varroa. I DON'T USE CHEMICALS. Yet. If I see Varroa this season, I will use MAQS...
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    Re: What frames to purchase?

    Thanks, everyone - any thoughts on proportions of each? 50% foundation, 50% f-less? Bees will spend a bit of time this year drawing it out - what is the best way to get to the end point? Will I...
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    Re: What frames to purchase?

    Is there a way to do that with wax foundation? I have a few boxes of wax foundation to use...
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    What frames to purchase?


    I am starting up two new hives with nucs this spring, and also want to work on checkerboarding my current two hives. I am going to migrate to all-mediums over time to give me the most...
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    Re: Swarming and "the top of the hive"

    Is this the same as checkerboarding? And, if one was to purchase new frames because one needed them, would the collective wisdom here tell me to go foundationless? I've read that same thing here...
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