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    Re: Avoid Cheeseman and

    I have ordered a couple times with Justin, spoke to his Dad and met his Mom when she delivered hives to me. The hives are excellent - a superior product. Made well, tight joints and overall the...
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    Re: Red bees

    My bee buddy and I received a number of boxes of hummingbird feed that we used to feed our bees. It is definitely red in the cells, open or capped. However, most hummingbird feeders I have or have...
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    Re: Bee lining/hunting?

    My uncle in the hills of Kentucky used to catch several, turn one loose at a time and follow till they lost it. Then he released another and another. He used toilet paper to mark the trail. He...
  4. Re: Getting feral bees from downed log

    I have done a cutout on a column and did the rubber bands. I am not a fan myself, if i can do something else, i would rather.
  5. Getting feral bees from downed log

    About a month ago I received a call about a tree that came down in a bad storm. The temperature was 38 degrees when we checked out the feral colony in the piece of trunk on the ground. The log was...
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    Re: Has anyone ordered from beebaby's?

    I ordered two hives from Justin and had excellent service from him.
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    Russian/Italian cross

    A buddy of mine spoke to someone who is offering Russian/Italian cross packages for spring... about $82 for a 2 lb package. I had read somewhere that this cross loses some of the Russian's mite...
  8. Re: For those turning their back on common supplemental feeding wisdom...

    I am a new beekeeper, so I tend to read all the time... I have read about adding apple cider vinegar to sugar water to make the pH more like nectar and also to prevent spoilage and disease problems. ...
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