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  1. Re: How to know if honey is bee original or mixed with Sugar?

    To improve the odds, but comb honey and nothing that is already bottled. You cannot tell if the hives were being fed sugar water at the time the comb was sealed but at least you know the processor...
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    Re: What do people do to keep rain out?

    I believe you put this question on the forum just for me! Living in Seattle where it rains all winter long, this is one of the first things we learn. The good news is... the previous posters are all...
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    Re: Frequency of hive checks in the winter?

    I leave them alone from late October to March. I can look into the top entrances of the Lang hives and see what is happening if I use a flashlight. Some of my top bar hives have windows which are...
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    Re: Starting nucs with package queen

    Harry, Thank you for the link. Your writing is always informative and appreciated.
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    Re: Here's how I do my oxalic acid vapor treatment

    This would be correct. The vaporizer does not go from the ambient temperature to the vapor point instantly. It takes a minute or two to get there. So by the time it gets up to the danger point of 372...
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    Re: Foundationless - dowel vs ice cream stick

    They gave me about 50 so I was able to use them on all of the frames I was building. I still have the ones left over for future use. If I need more, I will go back. I am there almost every Saturday...
  7. Re: Long hive with foundation-less AND Foundation frames in same hive ?

    That should work just fine. When you start the hive, use only the frames with foundation and a follower board. After the foundation is all built up with the size of brood area you want, add the...
  8. Re: Top entrance size for winter when not using bottom entrance at all

    I use a migratory style top with a 1/2 inch opening across the entire front of the 8 frame box. The bottom is closed off completely. We do not get very cold here in winter but the unrelenting rain...
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    Re: Foundationless - dowel vs ice cream stick

    I was really cheap and went to Lowes and got paint stirrers for free. They are long enough that one stirrer split the long way down the middle fills the entire frame.
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    Re: MegaBee protein winter feed

    The product appears to still be available at Kelley Beekeeping Supply.
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    Re: Whats the advantage of registering yur hives?

    This also says "premises, building or other place, public or private". That means that a person who bought a bottle of honey at the store and put it in their pantry would be subject to inspection.
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    Re: Whats the advantage of registering yur hives?

    It is required in WA state but it is also very inexpensive. I believe it was $10.00 last year.
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    Re: Top Bar Hives still popular?

    They seem to be fairly popular in this area and I am one of those fans. I like them because to me, they are much easier to work, there is no heavy lifting, the bees seem much more gentle especially...
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    Re: OAD timing in Pacific Northwest?

    The last two weeks in December works great for OA treatments where you (we) live. I vaporized last year a couple of days before Christmas and every hive survived. I would not inspect the hives at...
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    Re: MAQS and Winter Bees - Beeculture Article

    JW, Thanks for the link. Great article. I don't think JW is bashing OAV at all. He is just being honest. For a medium to large scale operation, it can be impractical. Under the best of circumstances...
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    Re: Colony disappears in a week?

    I would also guess that robbing was the primary issue and then the yellow jackets got involved. You mention yellow jackets at the front door and they are probably the reason you see no dead bees. In...
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    Re: How many amp hrs for oa vaporizer needed?

    I use the battery in my riding mower to power my varrocleaner. I drive up behind the hives and park. The battery has never run out of power doing 6 -9 treatments and I am always able to restart the...
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    Re: How far away from your apiary to you live?

    Also about 50 feet with no issues at all. An occasional bee gets in the house but we get more moths, flies and wasps than bees. Close to home makes it very easy to take care of.
  19. Re: What are your cost vs benefit decisions? How do you base them?

    JW, I would never say you could not have fun with the family using the extractor. You certainly can. We just don't like using them. I have 10 people living in my home, three generations, including...
  20. Re: What are your cost vs benefit decisions? How do you base them?

    I am fortunate that I realized my goal in beekeeping really early. I will never have the time to do everything needed to be a 100% self sufficient beekeeper. Raising queens is way more work than I...
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    Re: What to do with a high mite count in October?

    I took 2 or 3 empty bars from the back of the hive and placed them just behind the brood area sliding everything else back. Placed the MAQS on the floor of the hive below the empty bars. After the...
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    Re: Newbee, thinking about TBH

    I use corrugated PVC roofing panels for my roofs and held down with rope on each end. Not pretty but totally waterproof, very light and cheap. No painting needed. My first top bar hive had a roof...
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    Re: Using sugar brick in top bar

    +1. I have put sugar into old comb and sprayed it lightly with water but this is a much better idea. I can have them prepared before going out to the hives and install them really fast. THANK YOU!
  24. Re: Bees left 10/ same hive has tons of bees???

    I had a hive like that that died this spring. Later in the summer there were so many bees coming and going I was positive a swarm had moved in. I left them alone to settle in for two weeks and when I...
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    Re: Bedillion OAV quantity for a 3box medium

    The volume in three medium boxes is very close to two deeps. Since I believe the instructions are for 10 frame boxes and not eight, you would use 80% of two scoops or 1.6 scoops. I personally used 2...
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