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    Re: How are nucs made?

    Thanks Michael!

    I say that as I watch 5 inches of snow and falling in NY, mid april. it was in the mid seventies this past weekend..

    Part of me is considering getting some 8 frame mediums...
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    Re: How are nucs made?

    Hi Michael,

    Do I have that right that you successfully overwinter in eight frames with 4 frames per side, one stack high(two colonies)? I take it you end up feeding?

    I was hoping to leave on...
  3. Re: What time in am does bees do theri first orientation flight

    my hives vary. Some are early morning, some are afternooners. I would say afternoon is more common for the big orientation flight time period (2-3).
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    Re: What's the fuss about dandelions?

    [this isn't pointed at you specifically beeswax paintings, more general commentary off of your post]

    This always makes me laugh because it seems we have this odd relationship with things called...
  5. Beeweaverqueens - NY (anybody interested in sharing shipping?)

    ello all,

    Hope it is ok to post this here, if not, yell at me at I won't do it again :) I am not selling anything, so I didn't think this should be in the classifieds area.

    I am interested in...
  6. Re: Timing brood breaks and queen building for overwintering nuc stratedgy

    That was part of my concern, what to do with all the bees if those nucs ramp up quick. I assumed that the nuc with the laying queen would take off pretty good, turning into a solid hive unless I...
  7. Re: Timing brood breaks and queen building for overwintering nuc stratedgy

    Went to my local bee club meeting last night to discuss with my local bee gurus. Sounds like here the time frame for earliest splits and queen rearing should really be around the start of dandelion...
  8. Re: Timing brood breaks and queen building for overwintering nuc stratedgy

    Thanks for your information Wolfer.

    I am moving to fully foundationless; I have about 1/3 foundation or so right now. My biggest goal is keeping my hives strong to fend off hive beetle and...
  9. Timing brood breaks and queen building for overwintering nuc stratedgy

    I wanted to get some help from people (hopefully in my area) with regard to my brood break and overwintering strategy. My plan is to rear my own queens this year to support queen introduction into 4...
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    Re: Cleaning out the bottom board

    I always like it when you add perspective - haha :)

    My assumption was that the bees would clear it all out without my help, who am I to put the undertakers out of work ;) As Dominic suggested,...
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    Cleaning out the bottom board

    Hi all. I fully planned on cleaning out the bottom board to all of my hives this weekend, but didn't have time for more than a health/honey weight check on my hives. Then I got to thinking......
  12. Re: Letting my hives swarm versus making splits - what's better for the bees?

    Very interesting findings BernhardHeuvel. I plan to attempt treatment free utilizing splits and a nuc methodology this year. I had thought the same as you that the swarming would adversely affect...
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    Re: Bee leveling set up - Ideas welcomed

    Great ideas all. Thanks for your time and suggestions. Was hoping to do some of this this weekend, but it looks like another cold rainy possibly freezing mess. We need a break from this weather,...
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    Re: Bee leveling set up - Ideas welcomed

    Thanks for the ideas all. I tried using pavers plus a smaller platform that holds two hives. Now I am thinking maybe I should have left the large platform together.

    Phoebee - you are correct...
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    Bee leveling set up - Ideas welcomed

    I noticed a huge heaving, and sinking in the ground in one of the areas where I have my bees. I was wondering, does anyone (who lives up Northward) have a good system for getting around this? I am...
  16. Re: Central NY - 4/1/14 First day of pollen!

    Awesome! I am glad to hear that as I have been worried about how much longer the hive would make it without the earth waking up from winter here in sunny cuse :)
  17. Poll: Re: Hive Overwintering Fools - Challenge 2013/2014


    We aren't out of the woods here in upstate NY. But very cool spreadsheet idea, I added my detail for fun. The next few weeks here will be a decider for my bees. I know I have at least one...
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    Re: Winter preparation

    ??? How does working with foundationless cause you to kill bees during inspection. ???:scratch:

    I have had great success with placing foundationless frames in between filled out and capped...
  19. Re: German black bees in NY? (MEAN black bees..)

    Hi Dan,

    I am not too far from you. The bees you have in that picture there look very similar to two of my hives from a local beek here in NY. He said that they were a mix of ferals and carniolan...
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    Re: Dog Beekeeper in his bee suit

    :lpf:That is pretty hilarious. I liked the commentary on whether or not the dog liked the suit
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    Central NY - Golden Rod Flow

    Officially started at my house! I noticed the smell yesterday (I think it is more like a buttery sweet/ butterscotch smell vs. smelly socks). Very excited as the bees are flying hard today and...
  22. Re: I don't understand this complaint about treatment free beekeepers

    The reality is that there is probably truth to both arguments. Unless you live in a vacuum, or artificially inseminate your queens, your hives genetics will be influenced by the surrounding drones. ...
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    Re: Treat for varroa or not?

    I would think a lot of this would depend on where you got your bees. If you have VSH queens or resistant stock, perhaps. But you may have just gotten lucky, or the nuc provider treated for you and...
  24. Re: Insecticide in Neighbor's property next door to my bee yard

    I agree with much of the above.

    most apple sprays for the home orchardist are not applied during bloom (if they are they can kill the pollinators and thus, low fruit yield). They are applied in...
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    Re: What's everyone using for TREAMENTS??

    Thanks for the clarification Mark. The main, if only, interest I would have in seeing a standard set for "what" purity of OA and dosage for beehive use is to alleviate my ignorance of the...
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