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    Re: Not capping in Honey Super

    The advice I give to all new beekeepers is that in the first year, ignore the honey. Harvest knowledge. And the greatest amount of knowledge comes from getting your bees through winter. Then the...
  2. Re: What's the general consensus on insulating for winter?

    In Southern Wisconsin, we get to 20 below. Frequently some years, not so often others. I tried foam board sides and had some of the worst moisture problems I've ever experienced. We settled on tar...
  3. Re: Likelihood of Swarms Going into Neighbors' Homes?

    I got into a heated discussion in an online forum on this topic. Seems there is an urban bee club near me and some of its members seem to think that kicking out swarms is a good thing; that they are...
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    Are beekeeping clubs worth it?

    What do you folks think? Are beekeeping clubs informative? We're thinking of forming one, but I've been tangentially involved with one near my hometown and its degenerated into non-stop arguing,...
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    Re: Virgin queen in hive?

    I've seen similar things in the past. On more than one occasion we had a mature queen and a small virgin queen in the same hive in early spring, well before the virgin could mate. This year, we had...
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    Re: Supering-up question

    I always add the empties on top of the brood box and under the full super and stagger them for rapid entry. Hilreal is right about moving outer frames in. It also helps to rotate supers 180...
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    Re: Supercede pre-Drones?

    Ya Wcubed, that's what I'm getting at. Over the last few years, we've noticed in our early spring examinations two queen situations: One a plump "normal" queen, and a smaller "virgin?" queen. And...
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    Supercede pre-Drones?

    I have a surviving colony, weaker than the others but still alive. On inspection today I found no evidence of brood, the bees looked to be breaking down a queen cell, and a small queen (unmated?). ...
  9. Re: What's the biggest mistake (s) you made starting out?

    This wasn't a starting out mistake, but a mistake none the less: We run about a dozen hives and have never experienced robbing. We heard about it, but never have had it occur. UNTIL...One night in...
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    Re: Ticks-can't take it any longer. What to do/

    Move up north! Ticks happen, but not so much you worry about it. Also no hive beetles, little foul brood, lots of alfalfa. Only drawback is that winter thingy...
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    Re: Getting off the "package treadmill"

    I dunno. We've gone to making splits from our strongest colonies each spring. We let them raise their own queens. It hasn't really cut back the production of the mother colonies, and we haven't...
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    Re: Top Bar or Langstroth for beginner?

    I know beginners that have gone with both. The langstroth set up is much more conducive to actually learning bee keeping. The frames and bees are so much more accessible, which is important in the...
  13. Thread: Starting Year 2

    by smith

    Re: Starting Year 2

    I don't worry about the opening size that much, but I also have top entrances. The big worry is whether the bees can get outside. Do you have a top entrance? What I would recommend is that some...
  14. Re: 2013 Bee Budget.......can I have your input please

    Gee, not to rain on your parade or anything...But in one year you really haven't experienced a fraction of what can and will go wrong. You're about to shell out a ton of cash without really...
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    Re: Tactics for making splits

    Too complicated. I take an overwintered colony. I take one frame sealed brood, one frame eggs, one frame pollen, one frame honey, one open frame. Take a fair amount of nurse bees. Put them in a...
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    Re: Sawdust to absorb moisture in winter?

    Science IS art!!!
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    Re: Drought- has it affected your crop?

    I'm close to Tom B. in Madison and have to agree: Despite the drought, we had our best crop ever. We had new packages and splits with surplus honey that we've never seen before. Early alfalfa,...
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    Re: This years northern golden rod flow.

    Golden rod's blooming here in S. WI, but the hay farmers are letting their alfalfa bloom big time. You can literally smell the sweetness. They are loading supers fast.
  19. Re: Is it just me, or is everyone else having to feed their bees this year?

    Wierd one here. Had drought and high heat through mid-July, and expected the worst, but they put up a lot of honey. Have gotten rain since, and alfalfa is in full bloom and few farmers are cutting...
  20. Re: Two topics in one, Wild Carrot and Soybeans.

    My understanding is that commercial carrots are actually considered fly pollinated. I've seen breeding labs that raise flys and then put them in bags that confine the two parent carrot flowers. ...
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    Re: Why some beekeepers fail

    I tell new beekeepers to keep one thought in mind: In the first few years, you are not harvesting honey. You are harvesting knowledge.
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    Re: Mountain Camp Dry Sugar

    OK, I may have screwed up and this may appear twice. I tried the dry sugar approach and went back to using fondant cakes. I had problems with the dry sugar being stored in cells and then...
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    Re: Anybody using ship lap joint on their boxes?

    I use half blind dovetail joints. That's mostly because I have the jig and love to use a router. That aside, if you're a hobbiest and not moving hives cross country on a regular basis, than how you...
  24. Thread: Two Queens

    by smith

    Two Queens

    For the second year in a row, our initial spring inspection has detected a hive with two queens. One is a large, mature looking queen, and the second is a much shorter youngster. Although its very...
  25. Re: Your preference for winter feeding: dry suger OR fondant

    Having done both, I prefer the fondant. I could see if you were running a lot of hives how it might be a bit of a pain. The drawbacks of the MC method when I used it was: 1) The newspaper ends up...
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