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  1. Going To Test-Drive Some Homemade Swarm Lure In FLA

    Jerry and I are getting in the truck Monday evening to make the 15+ hour drive to Davie, Florida to check on our bees. Our results since we hit Florida with our colonies have been mixed at best, and...
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    Walk-Away Package Introduction

    I know we are a little ways off from packages, but I have a question for the forum.

    I am working with a national retailer who is interested in having bees on their roofs, but their mission is...
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    Re: Need pallet plans! Please share yours.

    Here are the plans that we have researched and slightly modified:
  4. Queen Rearing Essentials with Dr. Larry Connor

    We spent the weekend in Syria, VA with the famous Doctor, learning queen rearing using the starter/finisher colony process. A link to the details, and two videos is at this link:
  5. Re: Packaging Bees In Patterson Georgia, VIDEO

    Well, to the extent there are politics in everything, I'm in a bit of a disagreement even here locally!

    Who thought, when we try to do what's right, minutia would impose on the endeavor. Very...
  6. Re: Packaging Bees In Patterson Georgia, VIDEO

    Thanks Keith.
  7. Re: Packaging Bees In Patterson Georgia, VIDEO

    Wow, did not intend to bring out the competitive endorphins of my fellow beeks. 1,000 lbs of bees a day is awesome. We should all hope to be that efficient!

  8. Packaging Bees In Patterson Georgia, VIDEO

    This week we traveled to Patterson, Georgia to package up about 100 packages and bring them north. We took a video of our day.

    We traveled down on Monday to visit JJ's Honey, owned by Jerome...
  9. We Spent Some Time With Don When Picking Up Bees-video

    My daughter and I made the annual pilgrimage to Lula GA to bathe in the wisdom of Don, and shoot some video! See it here:
  10. Re: Building Commercial Migratory Pallets, with Pallet Plans

    I love Beesource...posting something here evokes a feeding frenzy: 211 hits on the blog since last evening!

  11. Re: Building Commercial Migratory Pallets, with Pallet Plans

    Great scoop Jim on the 1 x6's. And an easy fix!
  12. Building Commercial Migratory Pallets, with Pallet Plans


    I have seen a lot of requests on this forum for pallet plans. I have cobbled together historic info from BeeSource and some practical learning from beekeepers. The blog entry I put together...
  13. Update To "In The Groves"...Video Of Our Trip

    Jerry (Matt1954) was kind enough to let me tag along with him on his trip to move his hives. The video diary of our four-day trip is located here:
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    Re: In the Orange Groves

    Thanks Jerry! The whole trip was lots of fun and we made strides in spite of a few setbacks!
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    Re: Cluster Dying With Resources In Hive

    It is my expectation that they did not.
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    Cluster Dying With Resources In Hive

    I've been hearing now from a number of clients about hives going sideways while having honey resources in the frames. We have had a relatively mild winter here so far with only a few harsh windy and...
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    Re: Beekeeping Now Legal in DC-Video

    The revised legislation says that for rooftop bees, one must get permission from folks within 30 ft of the hives.
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    Beekeeping Now Legal in DC-Video

    The DC Council passed legislation this week to officially recognize beekeeping as legal in the City, but with the usual overreaching of regulations. The law still needs some work, and there are now...
  19. EPA Rally For Honeybees In Washington, DC Today

    The Center For Food Safety organized a rally today to bring attention to neonicotinoid pesticides. It was not as well attended as I hoped, but still good to spend a little time with like-minded...
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    New Urban Beekeeping Book

    A new book was recently published that is a great guide and overview to urban and rooftop beekeeping. It also features reports from folks who are on this forum.

    Here is a more thorough...
  21. Re: Neighbor Throwing Down the Gaunlet On My Bees

    Well, I went over there today and they are in fact honeybees, and they swarmed and took up residence in a void through their chimney mortar. Their chimney is metal lined so I assume the bees are...
  22. Re: Neighbor Throwing Down the Gaunlet On My Bees

    Going over tomorrow to 1) confirm they are honeybees, and 2) try to help him. But his wife has demonstrated some tendencies toward the unreasonable, so walking in eggshells.
  23. Neighbor Throwing Down the Gaunlet On My Bees

    For context, I live in the historic townhouse community of Georgetown, in DC, and I have a flat roof upon which I have several hives. Yes, we have had a few swarms, but generally these hives are...
  24. Re: CT/ New England Beeks- when you pulling off supers?

    With only one super of honey, would you not want to leave it for the bees to consume through winter?
  25. Moving a Beehive Off Another Roof -VIDEO

    Our friends who put a hive on their roof purely for the benefit of the bees are now moving to Houston, and thus need to decommission the hive. We did this in a couple of easy steps. Here is the...
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