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    Re: Carniolan VSH Queens For Sale

    You may have some fantastic queens, but do they go to california? How many migratory beekeepers are around you? How far away? what is yuor selection criteria
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    Re: Queens for sale ($18,$16ea)

    Hey I am always looking for good queens, 100 or more per year. I am a little concerned about your answer to them being VSH. Where does your breeding stock come from? Do you test for mite...
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    Re: Why do people have top bar hives?

    Well I thank everyone for there comments, I was just curious as to why someone would have them after the years I have spent with traditional langs I just could not see the reason for them. It would...
  4. Re: Heritability of traits for improvements in apiary?

    That is pretty awesome that your bee are mite resistant. I am curious about your situation and how your bees would perform in other conditions. Do you have any migratory beekeepers around you? Do...
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    Why do people have top bar hives?

    I was just wondering why people chose top bar hives? I was under the impression that they felt it was more natural for the bees, but bees love to move vertically not horizontally. I have a few...
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    Re: Treating mites with MAQS

    I spoke to the MAQS rep and she said that if you do not have a full width opening on the bottom board to offset the upper brood box a 1/2" for good ventilation
  7. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    So I am curious, do II queens that have been super mated have the same supercedure problem. Say I wanted a VSHxMinnesota hygenic, and the breeder selected 20 drone from different MN colonies would...
  8. Re: Heritability of traits for improvements in apiary?

    Do not select for a single trait like honey production. They also need to collect enough pollen to feed themselves and the brood well especially if you are wanting to graft queens you will need an...
  9. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    I have my doubts that there is a virgin. I have put in nearly 200 queens this year and about 30 prevents didn't get accepted. I don't know if they are not getting mated well, low pheromone levels...
  10. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    use the push in cage method.
  11. Re: Hello From the Colorado Rockies...Were back...and still looking?

    Hey give me a call sometime, I would like to talk to you, I am pretty new to commercial beekeeping but need some good help. Give me a call 719-580-4022
  12. Thread: canola

    by bendriftin

    Re: canola

    Go for it just extract honey as soon as it is capped or it will chrystalize. I would suggest putting them on clover or something after that for winter stores
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    Re: "African" Bees are so terrible?

    I think he was kidding, I have worked with africanized bees and to be honest I would love to do some selective breeding to see if a person could get them calmed down a little. If you use them to...
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    Re: Too late to plant?

    I just spoke to a sanfoin seed producer in Wyoming and he said it would be ok for me to plant right now in Colorado and I am sure you have more time between now and your first frost than we do. I...
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    Re: Denver area honey color in 2014

    With all the rain we got this year in Colorado I am guessing your bees had a lot more sweet clover this year, Nebraska I guess had a ton of clover everywhere, down here in the south we have had...
  16. Re: Risk of Africanized Devil Spawn when hive makes their own queen - part 2.

    I am certain I will catch a lot of hell over this post but here it goes. AHB can be utilized as a great asset, they will swarm often with no more than a handful of bees. Swarming behavior of AHB...
  17. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    I know about clover, we have clover in some pastures it thrives. Clover can cause bloat if there is more than 25% in a pasture, sanfoin is another alternative but like one person said that he saw...
  18. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    I would like to thank WLC and Ginko, that is the kind of thing I was trying to get to.
  19. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    I guess I did not make my point clear enough before, I figured I was talking to beekeepers not ranchers and farmers. So I have a farmer who is also a rancher. He is willing to work with me. I want...
  20. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    Ok, I apologize for my ignorance evidently. I just figured that when I worked on a 4500 head cattle ranch and the cows had a body condition score of 3-4 at calving time and they were feeding lick...
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    Re: My attmept at grafting

    I built a heated nuc box with a lunch box heater from a truck stop. the warming plate I placed wet towel on. This kept the frames of brood warm and a moist until I was ready to graft from them. I...
  22. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    When I was young everyone allowed their hay to bloom a little. Weeds and flowers were in every unused space. Ast I look around today things have changed greatly. Now you spray every acre of crop...
  23. great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    So here is what I am thinking. Sanfoin and clover add much needed protein to pasture. Fields of green manure that use little water yet return much needed resources to the soil have become very...
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    Re: Hello from SW WYO!

    I pulled up Evanston,WY on google earth I am guessing that is where you are from. Wyoming is full of good ranch country so I would get a couple of hives if I were you. Personally I like the plastic...
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    Re: Propane Fogger

    I don't think it would work too good as a smoker, If you try it make certain it is hot enough to not push out hot liquid or you will be killing bees. If you want to keep your smoker going you should...
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