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    Burr comb color

    Why is it usually so much darker than other comb, such as new cells in the honey super or bright white cappings? I know the burr comb was recently built, as was the rest. What accounts for the color...
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    Re: killed half a swarm today

    Best. Thread. Ever!
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    Re: Wanna catch my own swarm

    As far as I have been told, we do not yet have Africanized bees in South Carolina. However, they keep saying it is not a matter of if, but when.
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    Re: 1.8 Miles enough?

    If they will have the same forage at your place as they do right now, I would go ahead and move them. Wait until evening when all foragers have returned and seal up the entrances. Load it on the...
  5. And then there were three... (First split)

    Was out feeding our two hives yesterday. We have had them for two weeks total now, got them as nucs and put them into full-frame boxes 14 days ago. As I was feeding them, our club president and...
  6. Re: Anyone else scrambling to get equipment ready for swarm season?

    Just scrambling to get ready in general...
  7. Re: Wisdom needed: Newbie mistake: Super still on

    Move the super to the bottom, and maybe put a queen excluder on it after making sure the queen is in one of the deeps. Give them time for the brood and resources to hatch and be used up.
  8. Re: Is it the norm for a swam in a tree to build some comb?

    I was under the impression that they normally would not build comb while outside a structure but that Africanized Honey Bees would. We don't yet have AHB here in South Carolina.
  9. Re: Beginner Question: Importing and Selling Honey?

    Google Brushy Mountain, Mann Lake, Walter T. Kelley. They have an online catalog and you can sign up at their sites to have one shipped to you.
  10. Re: 2 Feb. 2013 Pollen gathering in Houston 75F.

    And snow, by the looks of it. Hoping for a few flurries in Laurens.
  11. Re: Jar O Honey Redesign. Looking for thoughts please.

    After looking closer at the design and reading your comment, I completely understand what you mean. If it works, this will make for a very interesting experiment for me in the future. Keep us...
  12. Re: Jar O Honey Redesign. Looking for thoughts please.

    My concern might be comb built between the jars, but since I don't even have a single hive yet, that's just a guess.
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    Re: Votive Candle wick issue

    Never made a candle in my life, but could you anchor the wick at the bottom with a dab of wax to hold it in place? After it cools and sticks, pour the rest of the candle?
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    Re: Guineas in the bee yard

    Weather is definitely a factor. No snow down here in SC, but not many bugs moving either. Lots of dandelions and other plants are getting nipped off though.
    I don't even wash or crush the shells. I...
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    Re: Guineas in the bee yard

    Mine seem to get all the calcium they need from free-ranging. And the fact that I throw the shells back at them. Some people don't like that, say it leads to birds pecking their eggs, but that has...
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    Re: Guineas in the bee yard

    Our Austrolorps have been great. I believe the breed holds the record for most eggs laid in one year. However, the shorter days and cooler temperatures have slowed them down. Perhaps that is what you...
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    Re: Guineas in the bee yard

    I may have to try that. Currently, coffee grounds go directly into the garden and get worked in. I would need an awful lot of grounds to treat our 2.5 acres, though.

    Kylemeinert...We've already...
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    Re: Guineas in the bee yard

    I have a 2 1/2 year old who knows that ants "Bite you!" and will tell me quite loudly of the fact. Doesn't stop him from stepping in the ant hills though. I would rather get rid of them without...
  19. Re: 3Things that make a lone beekeepers life easyer

    Voice recorders are great. I use one for interviews and events I cover in my job as a newspaper reporter. Council meetings are often recorded from 20-30 feet away, so it shouldn't be a problem in the...
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    Guineas in the bee yard

    Anyone else have them? I've read they might sit outside the hive and snack on bees and wanted to hear from others with experience. Thinking of getting a few in the spring to control the fire ant...
  21. Re: Running 5-frame medium nucs year-round instead of 8 or 10 frame

    Thanks to all for the advice. Went out and began purchasing lumber this afternoon. As we will be making our own boxes, we are going with all 8-frame mediums. One reason being it will save my back a...
  22. Re: Running 5-frame medium nucs year-round instead of 8 or 10 frame

    Didn't really think it would work out, but nice to see input and suggestions. Western Bee Supply seems much cheaper than others for unassembled frames. We will probably make the boxes, tho.
  23. Running 5-frame medium nucs year-round instead of 8 or 10 frame

    Is this a viable option? And how tall might the supers stack up by the end of the heaviest flow?

    We are buying two nucs to get started - these are our first hives. Eventually want to run all...
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    Re: Hello from Upstate SC

    Two of us joining from the Upstate on the same day? Weird.
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    Greetings from Upstate SC

    Located in Laurens, preparing to start first hives in 2013. Have not kept my own bees, but helped a couple times with some hives placed on our farm while growing up in MN. Recently passed Certified...
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