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  1. Re: When to remove honey supers when full of bees

    I need to find some time to get over there :)

    I'll plan on leaving the supers on until after the fall flow and the populations decline. I do have some equipment still to handle the fall flow....
  2. When to remove honey supers when full of bees

    I have 8 hives with several full honey supers. The hives are also full of bees. I'm concerned about removing the supers and crowding causing a swarm. I'm thinking to wait until the populations...
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    Re: new place to get stung

    My daughter got stung like that on a dead bee. She is talented like that.
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    Re: Bees Drowning in frame feeder!

    I started 12 hives from packages this year. Most did not build comb in the frame feeder. A few were determined to build it. Seems like a hive personality trait to me.
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    Re: Dave Cushman's site dead?

    You could try to see if the site is in the history.
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    Re: Maintenance

    This is my second year. I went through most of the frames until they started putting up significant amounts of honey. I found the education and experience worth the effort. It is very interesting to...
  7. Re: First year, how much honey to steal & should i use an excluder.

    I would recommend against an excluder if your honey supers are not drawn. I have 12 new hives and added excluders. They would not move up. I removed the excluders and they began drawing and putting...
  8. Re: How to store pollen and honey frames long term

    Thanks for the recommendation to keep at this hive. I have 12 other hives, most of them doing well, so I can spare the resources. Yesterday (Sat.) I took the brood out of one of my large hives. The...
  9. How to store pollen and honey frames long term

    I have a queen less hive. I tried earlier this year to add a frame of eggs. I added some capped brood to keep the work force. I think there was a queen at some point because I found some larvae. No...
  10. Re: Nebraska Beekeepers on this site?

    Southeast Nebraska. 20 miles south of Omaha. Michael Bush, I still need to take up your invite for a visit. How did the move go?
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    Re: Nebraska Beekeepers Sound Off!

    Packages seemed slow to build. 7/12 were topping off the brood nest with honey. One had 70% super filled with honey. Another 20%. Looking forward to checking on Saturday!
  12. Will slow packages filling top of brood box with honey cramp brood space?

    My situation is a few new hives that were started with packages this year, using all medium 10-frame equipment. These hives built slowly and I added the third brood box a week ago. The flow is on and...
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    Re: New member

    Welcome! I started last year. Don't get stressed, allow yourself time to learn. Allow time and money for mistakes and you'll enjoy it more.
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    Re: New memeber to bee source

    Welcome. This is our second year. I recommend you invest some time reading the existing messages. I've learned a lot and my experiences have already happened to others many times over. Enjoy!
  15. Re: Will bees eat comb during the winter?

    Mice is highly likely. My hive is next to the pasture and we have plenty of mice. I neglected to put on a mouse guard, that won't happen next year as I've already received my mouse guards. No nest in...
  16. Will bees eat comb during the winter?

    I checked my only hive today and found some interesting things. One of the most was frames that were fully drawn last fall had sections gone with well defined boundaries. The missing sections were...
  17. Re: New package, I starved 30%, recommendations?

    Weather has started getting warmer this week. The jar feeders didn't work for some reason, they weren't eating from them. We made some sugar dough and the bees took to those. Also bought Bee Pro...
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    Re: Feeder Temp

    I have recent experience with a top feeder and cooler temps. I estimate a loss of 30% (from a package) because the bees would not break cluster to get syrup. Based on advice here I added a jar on top...
  19. Re: New package, I starved 30%, recommendations?

    According to this article, my first mistake was to pick the early package date. I had the option of next week. Well, it is what it is :)

    I put a jar feeder in a medium super on the frames, so...
  20. Re: New package, I starved 30%, recommendations?

    3 dozen outside, a large pile inside.
  21. Re: New package, I starved 30%, recommendations?

    So you're saying even with the miller feeder directly on the deep, on cold days that may not be close enough. Will the jar drip on the frames and/or cluster and that's the point, or is it the...
  22. Re: New package, I starved 30%, recommendations?

    beepro, your response and David's are what I was looking for :) I feel I do have things 90% under control, but I hadn't thought about the patty nor about the feed being in direct contact. I thought...
  23. New package, I starved 30%, recommendations?

    My family is excited to start beekeeping. We received our first package one week ago today. Installation went well. It's be cold and rainy this last week, no bees flying, and I didn't inspect due to...
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    Re: Newbie in southeast Nebraska

    I will definately take you up on it! After it warms up a bit. Any and all help is welcome.
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    Newbie in southeast Nebraska

    Hello beekeepers! My family recently moved onto a 10 acre homestead in southeast Nebraska. We'd like to make this land work for us, and we're going to try something new every year. This year it's...
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