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    Re: Wife's out of town, and I really messed up.

    The best thing to use is commercial gum remover in an aerosol can. It will freeze it and you can pop it right off. You can get it at any janitorial supply store. You won't be disappointed.
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    Re: extreme beginner suburban beekeeper

    If they have nothing to start with but the walls of the hive it will be slow going but you should see in a few days the start of drawn comb. If you keep the sugar water going they might get after it....
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    Re: extreme beginner suburban beekeeper

    Ok, so you have about 250 bees and a queen and a box that is frameless. This is what I would do if it were me. Order yourself a nuc from any supplier and make sure you get one with some frames. Also...
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    Re: Emptly Honey Super?

    Bill, a lot of what happens depends on a lot of things. Your hive may have been struggling to get going which prompted a supersedure. Which in turn probably cost you several weeks with your new queen...
  5. Re: My first year and I have HONEY!!! and questions...

    I'm a denver beek and have a couple of new hives this year as well. I raised bees in Montana but gave them up when I moved to Denver. My hives have done very well too do to the late spring and the...
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    Re: Bees under hive, normal or no?

    I live in Denver and my hives did the same thing yesterday. I checked on them in the morning and all was good but went to see them in the afternoon with the same results as you'll so decided to check...
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    Re: Mint flavor in honey

    More than likely its Basswood ie Lindenwood honey. It produces when in season very heavy and has a mint like flavor. It is very popular honey for those who like it. We have a heavy Lindenwood flow in...
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    Re: Strange tasting honey

    I don't know about the color but the mint flavor could be coming from Lindenwood trees also known as Basswood. There are several different varieties of Lindenwood and will give off a mint flavor...
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    Re: Man, what a bad idea!!

    That is a hilarious story I wish I could have been there. Bees are crazy like that sometimes that's what makes it so fun. One time I had a new suit but didn't button up the side pockets and I had no...
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    Re: European Hornets around my hives...

    I would try wasp/hornet entrapment cones. You can find them at any Home Depot and I have found them to work excellent. Just hang them from something close to your hives. I've never seen one of my...
  11. Re: Can anyone tell me why these bees are hanging out of the hive?

    When it gets hot outside the bees move out of the hive to both cool off and to keep the temperature of the hive at the proper brood temp. Not to worry their just doing their thing.
  12. Re: ?OK to stop feeding...& feeder fills with bees

    If you want to keep a feeder in there it's probably not a problem but it does take up space. I have yet to see a hive that has a feeder not get eaten but I've never had a feeder in this late in the...
  13. Re: ?OK to stop feeding...& feeder fills with bees

    My experience has been that once the nectar flow starts then pull the feeders out. Continuing to feed them creates a lazy hive and in some cases slows down the production rate of both the brood and...
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