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  1. Just gathered the girls tonight - my second attempt

    Total rookie here. Done lots of reading but you know how that goes. Can't learn to swim by correspondence, got to get wet.
    So my first try was a cut out they stayed for 3 days and few off.
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    Re: bee-bush identification

    i'm getting an "invalid attachment" error, can't see the pic
  3. Re: feral honeybees versus non feral honeybees

    I am a total rookie, just starting my first hive. But the old timer I worked with to start my first hive from a cut out said that for years all his swarms were gentile, then about 2000 or so, he...
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    cut out into top bar

    New guy with my first hive.
    I did a cut out and put the wild comb I harvested into 4 frames and placed them into a deep bottom. My question is, will the bees build neatly off the top bars or will...
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    Re: Planting White Clover

    there are different kinds of clover, some are annual, some are perennial. It also depends on your climate. farther north I believe lots of clover is perennial and they don't see bloom until the...
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    Re: best book for beginers

    The closest to "local" bee group around here is a 3 hour drive away in Los Angeles. Still, I may get in for a meeting or 2 just to get to talk with other beeks. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one that...
  7. Re: Truck spills 14 million bees on Idaho highway

    whooo boy! 14 million girls all sayin' "Now which one is my hive?"
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    Re: Hives in the Direct Sunlight

    far too new to beekeeping to know what to say about boxed bees, but feral hives here are usually found 15 to 20 feet off the ground on a horizontal limb of a tall tree like tamarisk. These are...
  9. Re: Date palms and bees - observations of a date farmer

    Yep, its hot. I've seen a week at a time at 120 degrees plus, and top out at 128. The date palms love it... not so much for date farmers. Records kept of date growing regions around the world show we...
  10. Date palms and bees - observations of a date farmer

    so, I'm a total beginner with bees. Just did my first cut out and the bees flew off after 3 days. Still LOTS to learn. But I thought I'd ruminate and cogitate and maybe wax eloquently a bit about...
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    Re: best book for beginers

    Looking forward to it! Especially after seeing your web site. I'm an organic farmer (I grow dates and a variety of other tree crops) and have always raised organically since I was a boy and my...
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    Re: best book for beginers

    already ordered a couple of these
    what do you think of this one?
    Naural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture
    by Ross Conrad

    More titles welcome
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    Re: best book for beginers

    found a copy of Richard Taylor's (deceased) The How-to-Do-It Book of Beekeeping here for just $54.00 (Just being a comparative term... lot of $ for a book) checkin'...
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    best book for beginers

    I have read lots online... but I would like to read a book or 2. What do you think are the best 2 or 3 books out there?

    Just gettin' started.
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    What to do with what's left

    I recently tried to start my first hive with a cut out. all went well and for 3 days the bees seemed happy and working. Then they flew the coop. From what I gather probably lost the Queen. But here's...
  16. Re: flew the coop... how to keep them down on the farm

    Hmm well no way of knowing now.
    There was really good activity for the first 3 days. --sigh-- oh well, first try... strike out. Next time I'll take more time looking for the Q.
    so, my second...
  17. Re: flew the coop... how to keep them down on the farm

    Did not confirm the queen by sight but I believe I got her with a good size ball of bees. No idea if she was injured, but the bees all balled nicely later when I put them in the box. I placed this...
  18. flew the coop... how to keep them down on the farm

    Well, first time bee keeper. I read lots, had a seasoned beekeeper help me out. Got the suit, the boxes, and needed accessories. cut the bees out of the wall and put them in the box. They stayed for...
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    Hello, first timer

    Hi, New keeper with first hive. captured swarm and they stayed for 3 days... then flew off. Alas, I will try again.
    I'll ask about what to do in another thread... this is just a howdy y'all
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