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  1. Re: Warning: Some of these images may be disturbing to younger, more sensitive viewer

    All of my colonies had large amounts of drone brood when I inspected yesterday. Last year I didn't notice a drop in drone brood until mid-September. I'm located only a little south west of you.
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    Poll: Re: too late to make nucs?

    I had a colony go into supersedure this time last year. I pulled a frame with cells and created a nuc, leaving cells behind in the main hive in order to try and get at least one good queen. The...
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    Re: When to stop supering?

    Many beeks around here keep supers on until the first killing frost. The theory is since our fall flows are high ash content, the bees are better off being fed syrup to build up stores. We can go...
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    Re: nuc overwintering ?

    Wintering nucs on top of a hive is not what people are talking about. Rather, it is two stacked nucs side by side. The Mike Palmer design has a common bottom board with a divider and a regular deep...
  5. Re: Question re alternative entrance position for M. Palmer-style double nuc boxes

    I think you are really overthinking this, and underestimating the robustness of the concept..

    Under the philosophy of use what you have, go ahead and use your standard bottom board. Just put a...
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    Re: Double four frame nuc

    Are the two slow ones in the same double colony? Or is there one strong and one slow in each double?

    I find the easiest and safest method for balancing hives is just to swap positions while the...
  7. Re: How to feed some uncapped extracted honey back into hive

    Have you considered making Mead?
  8. Thread: Herbicide

    by maudbid

    Re: Herbicide

    That last line is the money shot. Without that link to real life then this study is not relevant to the question they are investigating. A much better way to put it would be
    "Further work needs...
  9. Thread: Herbicide

    by maudbid

    Re: Herbicide

    The last line of the abstract contains: "we speculate that successful forager bees could become" (highlights mine)

    That certainly is a declaration of confidence if I ever did see one. :doh:

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    Re: Bad beekeeping, worse TV reporting

    Absolutely horrendous reporting. It does provide everyone here with and opportunity to consider the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect:
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    Re: External inspection

    I do this also for quick looks, but I use a mirror and a flashlight. Saves crawling around on the ground. It won't work for checking the bottom of a top box where swarm cells tend to be. That is...
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    Re: My first bees tonight

    I am still new, but I know I would not accept a hive or nuc without seeing a nice capped brood pattern on day one. No capped brood at all in three boxes? That seems very wrong. At the very least...
  13. Re: Too late to start new nucs to overwinter in VT?

    I started a double at this time last year. They built up to 4 over 4 within a few weeks and were packed full of stores and bees once the bamboo flow started. Both sides of the double survived...
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    Re: Strange Suggestions From Local Bee Inspector

    Since there are usually many sides to a story, here is one possibility to explain this strange behavior.

    It sounds like you had empty boardman feeders on your hives. Could it be the farmer...
  15. Re: can you get a partial sting? glove questions.

    Oh really? Where did you get that information? All of the sources I have seen state over a minute. Here is one:
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    Re: When walk away splits fail

    While there are a lot of aspects of beekeeping which are "guidelines", there are a few rules which I have come to believe in to guide me. Given it is beekeeping, I'm sure there are some people out...
  17. Re: can you get a partial sting? glove questions.

    Now I understand the difference. To me a sting is binary, you either get stung or you don't. The amount of venom you receive can vary. Since most of us don't leave the stinger in until it quits...
  18. Re: can you get a partial sting? glove questions.

    A combination of watching too many youtube video and being a slow learner. ;) Most of the stings have been on my hands, I just do not like wearing gloves. Although, I did get 8 stings in about 10...
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    Re: Police made me move my hives..

    Look up the difference between malum prohibitum and malum in se laws. I personally choose which malum prohibitum laws I follow based on my own guidelines. I've long ago learned I cannot go through a...
  20. Re: can you get a partial sting? glove questions.

    Getting partially stung is like getting partially pregnant. Out of my 94 stings over the past 15 months (yes, I keep track) I can say I have had all sorts of sting severities and degrees, but every...
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    Re: Solid Eggs, Spotty brood pattern

    One last update on this hive.

    I placed a mated, caged Carni queen in the hive on May 4 after dispatching the original queen. On May 9 the queen was still in her cage so I hand released her and...
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    Re: Shaking Laying Worker "Horror" Story

    So you shook them out and put the equipment back into place for them to return to? I was thinking of trying that next time and giving them a queen, sounds like a bad idea. Thanks, saved me from...
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    Re: Shaking Laying Worker "Horror" Story

    So, the watch out here is shaking out is risky when there is a weak hive the bees could move into?

    I had no problem, but the hives in the apiary the returning bees moved into were very strong.
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    Re: Shaking Laying Worker "Horror" Story

    That is good information. In what way(s) did the shakeouts fail?
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    Re: double four frame nucs

    Good point, location probably matters. I wintered one last year, the N/S facing one and it did the best of all of my hives needing no supplemental feed. The hives are located on the east edge of a...
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