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    Re: Stop Robbing vs. Let The Queen Mate

    Yes, same yard.

    Again I've done this several times and have even had robbing issues in the past. I'd typically just close up the hive for a day and slowly open it back up, problem solved. This...
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    Re: Follower board to make divided nucs?

    I just took a deep and before I assembled them ran a three grooves evenly spaced on one both sides of the short lengths. I can then divide the hive up in two 4 or a tight five frame nuc or 4 two...
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    Re: Stop Robbing vs. Let The Queen Mate

    I just came here to do some reading on robbing because I have a hive that is having the most persistent robbing issue that I have ever experienced. The conditions are exactly as you listed except...
  4. Re: Undistrubed Colony for 10 yrs. - Honey and Bees

    Lots of bees who must be very hardy to have survived untouched for so long.

    Or all our touching does nothing but make them less able to survive :-)
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    Foraging distance.

    I've read a couple places that bees don't generally forage close to the hive. There seems to be some percent that do and I've never had a problem with them cleaning up supers that were close to...
  6. Re: Do bees mostly collect pollen in the morning

    I read an interesting article on this a while back. Can't remember were it was however. This article was a summary of a study that basically said that the bees are mono foragers. Each bee is assigned...
  7. Re: "Hi, I want to learn beekeeping and I'm looking for a mentor"

    Here's another take on this that I think many people miss.

    You have two versions of "Beekeeper", the professionals and non professionals. The mentors are often times pulled from the group of...
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    Re: Reading the hydraulic pressure gauge

    Total Area of your 2 cylinders = 7.0685775sq"

    Cyl Diameter is 2.25. Area of each cycling Pi*R^2 = 3.1415 * (1.125^2) = 3.1415* 1.26565 = 3.97596 per Cyl = 7.951 area. Assuming no rod which I...
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    Re: Do you plant flowers to avoid a dearth?

    That's pretty cool. I wonder if they would send me ~25-50 pounds of seed mixture...or a 1000 or so of those little packets :-)

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    Slow build in spring?

    Every year I have a couple hives that are just slower then others. They make it thru winter and then don't do anything in the spring. This year I had two that where so small I just assumed they were...
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    Re: Evolution of Swarming?

    As I understand how traits evolve - all dominant, persistent traits evolved as adaptations - something which benefit the species - mal-adaptations either die out or are recessive.

    I'm not sure...
  12. Re: Moving semi-wild hive into a Langsworth hive

    I pulled a hive from a tree last year and what I did was go thru the hive and cut it into chunks that would fit in a medium frame. I then put rubber bands around the frame and the comb. I tried to...
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    Re: Split without moving 2 miles.

    Has anyone moved a split about only an acre away?

    How far away is an "Acre away"? I've done splits where I've move the hives 100-200 feet apart, which by the way would be about the distance of...
  14. Re: New UPS rules for shipping bees? Anyone know more about this?

    In cases where the risk out weigh the benefit sometimes the answer is nothing. There are MANY things you just can't ship via UPS, USPS etc specifically for safety reasons. If you need those things...
  15. Re: New UPS rules for shipping bees? Anyone know more about this?

    They have only been shipping them by mail for a hundred and twenty five years at least.

    I've never thought the "We've always done it this way" was a very valid argument.

    The pussification of...
  16. Re: New UPS rules for shipping bees? Anyone know more about this?

    I never understood how these places allow shipping of bees anyway. Having packages break open is a pretty common thing in shipping and having a swarm of bees in a truck or worse yet a plane could be...
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    Re: UPS Not Delivering BWeaver Packages

    I ordered a bunch of queens once and had them delivered USPS. All but two, out of something like 10-15, where dead when I got them. Not just dead as in died in the cage, slaughtered, smashed,...
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    Re: Lifting and moving hives.

    I just ordered one of those. I think between using that to lift and place in various modes of transportation, Dolly, Truck, Trailer behind the tractor etc it shouldn't be too bad of a job. I only...
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    Re: Lifting and moving hives.

    How on earth have you been dealing with caring for the bees that far from the road?

    I throw everything into a trailer and haul it out with the lawn tractor. Piling a bunch of single supers or...
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    Lifting and moving hives.

    What's the easiest way of lifting and moving full hives?

    I'm looking at moving 6-7 full hives. I'm not so worried about transportation as they will be in a truck and only moved a relatively short...
  21. Thread: Please Stop...

    by MJuric

    Re: Please Stop...

    Isn't this the way it is with everything though? I've seen this in every area I've every come in contact with. Guy changes his oil and suddenly he's giving advice on car repair. Guy runs a 5K and...
  22. Thread: Theft

    by MJuric

    Re: Theft

    I was a store up in WI when a beekeeper came in with the exact same story, same number of hives and everything. He had two yards, he describe both as being well hidden. In both cases he believed it...
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    Re: Stacking Buckets

    How high can 5 gallon buckets of honey be stacked safely?

    Safely in what sense? Falling over or structural integrity. Stacking at all is "Unsafe" from a falling over standpoint but the amount of...
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    Sting sensitivity changing.

    I've been keeping bees for 4-5 years now and typically get stung every year, some more then others.

    What I'm noticing, or at least seem to be noticing, is that I'm becoming less sensitive to the...
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    Dadant Extractor Manuals?

    Is there any place to get Dadant extractor manuals or exploded views of their extractors?

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