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  1. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    So what happens when you have a TF apiary for 10+ yrs things look good. Now you start bringing in fresh stock? Now what happens?
  2. Re: My Bees Are So Quiet! Is This Normal???

    yes it is.
  3. Re: Impact of location on treatment-free beekeeping...

    1. hardiness zone;
    4a and 4b

    2. how long you have been treatment free;
    15 yrs.

    3. what success (or lack thereof) you have seen;
    Initial losses were around 70%. Now losses are like anyone...
  4. Re: Frame wiring question. Heat embed after crimping?

    If I could make a recommendation about eyelets. They are very time consuming, I traded them in probably 12-14 yrs ago when I started making my own foundation. Using a paper stapler from walmart or...
  5. Re: Frame wiring question. Heat embed after crimping?

    I use a modified 5 horizontal wire setup. I crimp with wire crimper. Use a car battery charger to embed the foundations. Been doing it that way for years.
  6. Re: Planning for my TF 2016 season and need some advice

    well it contains bees. 21202 Yes I have a mill from Tom Industries, and make my own foundation. I buy a little dadant 4.9 when wax supply is low. Along with some foundationless and plastic 4.9.
  7. Re: when do i do the winterizing of the hives?

    I start rotating honey combs into the weaker hives or feeding around the middle of Sept. A little earlier if fall flows are poor. I wrap and insulate when the killing frosts come end of oct/ early...
  8. Re: Planning for my TF 2016 season and need some advice

    I went with wax small cell as I had to mill my own. There was no plastic or even wax 4.9 at the time. I didn't start using the plastic till a few years ago. The bees hated it in every way. Maybe...
  9. Re: Planning for my TF 2016 season and need some advice

    Been doing natural cell sizing for 15 yrs and beekeeping in general for many more. Simply put bee use wax plastic is a foreign substance they could care less about using it. If you want good...
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    Re: ? About Feeding

    They don't typically like to draw comb with a dry food source.
  11. Re: Best way to draw small cell on foundationless

    On my first two frame without foundation, they builded same cell size like on foundation sheet - 5.4 mm.
    Now ... what?


    That sounds exactly what should have happened.............. If...
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    Re: Do you need to harvest the honey?

    what are the benefits to harvesting honey other than to sell/eat it?


    Depends on the point of view. From the bees pov there is no benefit to taking there honey. From the beekeepers pov...
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    Re: cutting out queen cells

    IF you don't need all the cells get rid of any runt cells and pick the best developed cells when making the choice as to which ones to sacrifice. Remember quality of quantity is often best.
  14. A new genetics study of wild honeybees

    Passing this info on:

    an short article about the Thomas Seeley's and Sasha Mikheyev's study

    a very interesting...
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    Re: Dr. Wyatt Mangum top bar hive plans

    Thanks all,

    Got the book built 6, 5' Mangum hives. Well I got 200 more bars to cut but will be done soon enough. I chose 1 3/8 bar spacing to keep things flexible.(was considering 1 1/4...
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    Re: Dr. Wyatt Mangum top bar hive plans

    Thanks everyone. I do have the book on order Just need to get the hive going fast, as I make a pass for lang nucs on Tuesday when cells will be ready. I have tons of woodworking equipment as I...
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    Dr. Wyatt Mangum top bar hive plans

    Hi all,

    I've resisted doing TBH's for 25yrs now so I feel I'm ready to try it the simple way. I like Dr. Wyatt Mangum's TBH the most out of the 100's I've looked at as they seem to be well...
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    Re: Mini Mating Nucs

    I use a full deep box divided into 4 minis. 2 out the four queens are harvested at end of season. The center dividers are movable and placed on the ends. Making 2 8- mini frame nucs ...
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    Re: Mating Nuc Questions

    If you look closely at my pic you will see that I have a 1/2 inch thick bar that holds my two frames together. Each mini frame get 2 screws to hold it to the bar. Now the double mini frame with...
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    Re: Mating Nuc Questions

    I get my mini frames drawn out with this set up. 17586 I don't do any thing about gap between frames I just cut it out. The frames have to go into a top box and use a quilt for an inner cover.
  21. Re: Small cell plastic in sheets? Does anyone sell it?

    I believe is planning to offer 4.9/5.0 size soon.


    Barry can you tell me more about this?
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    Re: Mann Lake Commercial grade deeps

    Hmmm. I usually get 50 boxes at a clip from them. Never had any fingers too short. From time to time a get fingers that don't line up well. Usually a little zip on the table saw fixes just about...
  23. Re: Best time period for guys picking up Nucs?

    I would say all the way through july people will buy them. But you have to remember june , july, august northern beekeepers will be making up there own nucs. Competition gets tougher come june.
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    Re: Who is NOT small cell but successful?

    I've been quiet here for awhile now just watching things go back and forth on beesource as it usually does. Was moderator on beesource for awhile started small cell/ TF same as when MB did I don't...
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    Re: Concerned about the weather

    I've done 25 packages in a sleet/snow storm with high's maybe hitting low 40's. I wouldn't spray the bees if it were me. I use an inverted gallon feeder over inner cover holes /w box over feeder. ...
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