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    Re: Package bees in Northern Indiana

    Dear Sir,

    According to the way I understand Beesource For Sale Rules and, I assume, to make this For Sale Forum a level playing field, Prices are to be included in your ad, rather than calling for...
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    NW Ohio Honey

    2014 Northwest Ohio produced honey for sale in 60 pound buckets at $190.00 per bucket.

    Also for sale, very dark baking grade (melter) honey at $1.05 per pound in 55 gallon drums. This is the...
  3. Overwintered Ohio NUCs, 10 frame hives, and complete single hives.

    Taking orders for April 2015 - 5 frame NUCs, 10 frame hives in your deep box, and or complete single hives.

    The 5 frame NUCs will be in plastic or cardboard NUC boxes for $145.00 each.

    A 10...
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