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  1. Re: Easiest type of cell builder for a beginner

    I used this method, written by David, and I really like it for smaller numbers. A well-presented how-to that I'm thankful to...
  2. "A Frame for Expansion" Is a 4 frame nuc the new norm?

    Looking around at bee sellers in the Northeast, it seems that it is becoming increasingly common for a 5 frame nuc to consist of three frames of bees and brood, one frame of food and 'a frame for...
  3. Construction Adhesive okay with Bees?

    I'm just wondering if any of you have used construction adhesive on hives or swarm traps. Does the smell of it bother bees at all once it's cured?


  4. Re: How Much "Breeding Progress" Can Really Be Expected?

    So it seems that much of what breeders have been doing for the last 100 years is in question.

    Isolating bees is hard to do. Instrumental Insemination programs would have to work with very large...
  5. Re: How Much "Breeding Progress" Can Really Be Expected?

    Exactly in line with my original question.

    In one state, Person X is bringing a truckload of packages in from Georgia. Person Y is excited about trying new II Queens from Virginia. Person Z is...
  6. Re: How Much "Breeding Progress" Can Really Be Expected?

    Keith's talk is part of where my question comes from. He really questions how much breeding progress has been made over time, and talks about the bees needing to mate with many drones in order to...
  7. Re: How Much "Breeding Progress" Can Really Be Expected?

    So, just 50 years to reach your goals. (If they don't change along the way). That's promising.
  8. How Much "Breeding Progress" Can Really Be Expected?

    I am wondering how much "breeding progress" - and by that, I mean real progress toward a set of goals or attributes - can a beekeeper hope to get without the use of instrumental insemination (II)?
  9. Re: Aren't You Breeding for Your Management Style?

    I realize that Taber's point was not the same as the question I'm posing. And I guess including his words is just confusing. His point just made me think about mine - the title of the thread.

  10. Re: Aren't You Breeding for Your Management Style?

    The "one breeder" in this case is a person/company. A queen producer. They are not named.
  11. Aren't You Breeding for Your Management Style?

    I'm reading Steve Taber's "Breeding Super Bees".

    On pages 20-21, Taber is discussing a study on different breeding stock that was done in an attempt to find the best stocks available. They noted...
  12. Re: What's the "ideal" number of brood frames?

    I found a piece written by Allen Dick at the following address:

    Here's an excerpt of what he submitted there. He writes:

    "...In my...
  13. What's the "ideal" number of brood frames?

    Is there an ideal?

    For those who don't use excluders - how big do you see the brood nest becoming? How many deep frames is the best size for bees to swell their numbers through the season?

  14. Do You Harvest More than Once Per Year?

    I'm interested in learning from any of you who manage to harvest at more than one point during the season.

    If you do, could you share when you tend to take honey, after/during what flow and if...
  15. Re: First Langstroth - am using foundation less frames


    Two questions:

    • Do you run a bead of hot glue end-to-end or just at a few points?
    • What's that, about a quarter inch reveal on that strip?

    I've used starter strips myself, but...
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    Re: Bee thefts starting up already.

    Here's an idea for micro-chip ID tags - nails that can be buried in wood and read with a hand-held scanner...
    Nail Tag - Security Microchip RFID...
  17. Re: Queen introduction next friday: a question

    I like the sounds of that level of certainty, Jim. One question: Why contain the queen on sealed brood?


  18. Re: The Monk and the Honeybee on youtube

    Thanks, I was looking for this online a while back and couldn't find it. I really enjoyed it - it had some really awful music (particularly in the section on bee biology - which sounded like a horror...
  19. Re: New to TBH? Start with a Tanzanian

    A lot of people are using foundationless deeps in Langstroths and the collapse rate doesn't seem to be any higher than in Kenyan tbh's. The sloped sids in the Kenyan tbh were designed to keep the...
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    Re: Banking on a swarm?

    You can never bank on swarms. You can certainly better your odds by putting out multiple traps and ads for collecting swarms, but you're still going on chance.

  21. New to TBH? Start with a Tanzanian

    I have now kept bees in Top Bar Hives for 5 years, and have used Langstroth equipment for longer than that. I plan to continue using both into the future, as I have learned that each offers a totally...
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    Re: 10 Nuc Increase


    I'd like to clarify your question more:

    Are you describing a situation where you have no hives, and then you want to build up as fast as you can using 10 nucs? Or are you talking...
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    Re: The do nots in beekeeping

    Never assume that a hard rap on top of a swarm trap and hearing no buzzing is proof that there are no bees inside.

    I picked up a swarm trap on a cool night - rapped on it and peeked in - nothing....
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    Re: Best Comb Honey Book?

    Thanks for this, Karla. I hadn't seen it. The point where Mike tells the audience that the way to get the last bit of honey off the comb before the show is to lick it (and the gasps from the...
  25. Re: Treatment free, is it really that easy

    I don't think quote from Glenn sounds "that easy" at all. And I don't think many who are really working toward being treatment free think it is either. Work is work. Glenn did a lot of breeding work,...
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