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  1. Re: Beekeepers needed for 2015 Spring/Summer/Fall season

    I m critizing. I know it's hard for u to find help and u don't get repeat visitors. If u throw in a drug test ud have to be a one man operation. So my question is it's expect bad and then relief...
  2. Loving micheal palmers queen rearing plan

    I grafted 30 cells 27 takes queens all nice and healthy and uniform a little fat straight out of cell little time consuming but great looking virgins.very pleased now to see if they make it back bad...
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    Follow honey buisness

    Is it profitable just to have stationary out yards or follow heavy flows more profitable?
  4. Re: Moving hives from pallet to pallet

    Save money build a hive stand out of 2x6s put on cinder blocks after u move hive to where there going take the bottom board off and take it with u.and if u want to find out who's doing it super glue...
  5. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    I'm in a nitch market in nc moutains on three sides big lakes creeks in every hollow average honey production for state is 80 pounds we have four flows some times most noticeable and dependable is...
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    Making Comb honey to sell ?

    If u put 11 frames in a 10 frame box by making frames more narrow would it make more comb honey and it would be more efficient?
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    Re: Bring Back Our Black Bees!

    I wish sue would bring some of this gentics back in us to propagate.
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    Re: Cost of shipping queens

    I wonder why people charge so much to ship
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    Sticky: Re: honey sell

    National honey board saying $5 a pound in case for top quality starting off 2015 and head wholesale buyers trying to be cheap. Who wants to guess what price will be this year. I'm guessing a drop...
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    Out yard problems u can face

    I am building a honey operation with out yards and I met a man who told me my down fall was the bees being on some one else's property. Said if home owner passes away kids will try to claim hives or...
  11. Re: New beekeeper meeting agenda lol

    Now it's probably really ganna put a spicot on ur wallet to afford to put one on ur hive to extract with a honey
  12. Re: Beekeeping Equipment and Ideas That Are No Longer With Us

    You would bee suprised how many people who quit keeping bees cause the count find no more starlines or midnight queens around here they must have been the it for the honey producer.
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    Re: Happy Birthday Michael Palmer

    Happy birthday👏
  14. New beekeeper meeting agenda lol

    We need to have a new start to beekeepers meeting. Something like hi, my name is David , I'm a addic, I've been spending my life on bees four winters now. Keep buying newest fashion accessories....
  15. Re: Cell Builders and Brood Factories

    To Michael Palmer Do u find that u can put more of the nucleus hives in the same spot and not compete as much hives. I know ur four frame nuc setup would make for 2 nucs would be...
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    Re: -40 f windchill in central NY

    I just got away from o degrees and hope I don't see nothing below 20 for a couple years
  17. Re: Who misses their bees while on vacation?

    If u have a number of them u don't do summer vacations any way. More like Florida in December sounds good to me.
  18. Re: Pollen Feeding for Brood Stimulation

    If u feed dry and it's cold outside don't believe there will be any issue because when it's cold shb can't pupate. But they do kill brood and slow build up.
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    Re: Miller Bee Supply Review

    There quite cheap on supplies. Haven't bought bees from them but they get there bees from a package producer like just about everybody. With packages it varys I got 6 hives out of ten packages four...
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    Who's got drones

    Where are you located and if u got drones. to help know when it's time to raise queens
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    Re: Drone rearing

    Any body see drones around nc getting raised or flying
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    Re: Raising queens in florida

    U figure there would be a lot of queen producers because of the demand of queens that time of year
  23. Re: Has anyone used to order bees?

    O m g with those prices I could retire in a couple years. 9o for a queen. I've heard a queen is worth her weight in gold. But I beloved he tipped the scale a little and that nuc price u can buy a...
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    Raising queens in florida

    Can u not raise queens in Florida earlier than in georgia. Or is Africanized genes to prevailing to get un africazed mating with drone saturation
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    Re: Maximizing homey harvest

    Not always. U have to have the right aged larvae in the split or eggs. If there that mean u should think about taking ur best hive and raise queen cells from it. A low tech method is find queen in...
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