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    Re: Combining Hives Sets Off WWIII

    Things that work well in June do not necesarily go in the fall. Bees, yellow jackets etc. are very hungry and a few drops of open honey will set them to robbing. Opening a hive like that for...
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    Re: Why North and South Dakota?

    The forage available is only part of the answer. As you go further north the hours of sunlight in the summer are longer so the bees have more hours to forage than they do say in Kentudky.
  3. Re: Setting out drained crushed comb for bees to clean up

    I make sure there is a sizeable structure, trees, buildings, etc. between boxes and any hives. I don't see a lot of dead bees but I do not put one or two frames or supers out at a time. I wait...
  4. Re: Getting real tired of melting down capping on the stove..other options??

    Large crokcpot or two from Salvation Army or yard sales.
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    Re: Goldenrod vs. Knotweed

    Major honey plant in areas of Michigan.
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    Re: what to do with so many bees at harvest

    George Imirie (old time beek, passed on now) in his "Pink Pages" often said you should give them plenty of room in the spring and crowd them in the fall. If you've never read any of his thoughts,...
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    Re: Medium foundation in a deep frame?

    Yes, advantage is that it gives the girls somewhere to draw foundationless. Most often they will draw this out as drone comb, which more and more we are realizing is a good thing for a healthy hive....
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    Queen returned to home?

    Has anyone ever had a queen return to her original hive? I had a new queen in a nuc and my neighbor needed a queen so I pulled her with a frame with a little brood on it and put it in a small nuc...
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    Re: Robbing while treating for Varroa

    I have heard/read but haven't yet, but may need to tomorrow when I treat, that if you take the lid off all the hives at the same time the bees will be so busy with their own hive that it will prevent...
  10. Re: How cold is too cold to keep the lids propped up?

    I have done both. Currently I am using the ventilated inner covers from Honey Run Apiaries that provide plenty of ventilation. Upper entrances will also work for ventilation purposes. If no upper...
  11. Re: How cold is too cold to keep the lids propped up?

    You want ventilation all year, even more important in winter to prevent condensation. I have left them propped up all winter long. In general, cold doesn't kill bees, moisture does.
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    Re: staying a hobbyist

    When you have extra an ad on Beesource or Craigslist will generally find a buyer in a matter of hours.
  13. Re: Why do they build only drone comb if I use foundationless next to foundation?

    Because the hive perceived that it needed more drones. Do you provide foundationless in the brood nest for drone laying? If they have adequate room for drones in the brood nest they will draw...
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    Re: Another Hive has absconded due to shb

    A little while back someone (Laurie in SC?) mentioned on here that after using clear glass/plexiglass covers her SHB problems basically went away, as they do not care for light. A very small study,...
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    Uncapping question

    When uncapping 8/9 frame with extended comb, do you cut just the top wax off leaving as much comb as possible or run the knife along the edge of the frame putting more honey in the uncapping tray?
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    Re: Shafted on Shipping

    I agree, but I would just rather that they are up front about the costs rather than padding it with add on, handling, processing, fees etc. When I sell a jar of honey I don't tell them it is $5 and...
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    Re: Shafted on Shipping

    Shipping and HANDLING is the handling that is the killer. Must be some pretty valuable hands.
  18. Thread: Taktic

    by hilreal

    Re: Taktic

    Amitraz, right?
  19. Re: ideas/suggestions for hive inspections during the "mean" and lean season?

    Hum, exactly what are you looking for? IF my front hive inspection, i.e. bees are coming and going and doing what bees are doing looks normal, I don't open the hive. Actually, unless I have reason...
  20. Re: Put a medium or deep on my single nuc for winter?

    This early in the season I would either follow squarepeg's advice or go with the deep and foundation. Keep the feeder jar on. I am guessing that once all that new brood hatches out you will have...
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    Re: Honey Sucking Drones!

    Hasn't there bee some data showing that hives actually perform better when drone populations are at their optimal rather than restricted by us?
  22. Re: Is early August too late to start a split in the northeast?

    If you have drawn comb you will probably be ok. Feed, feed, feed. Keep entrance 1-2 bees until it builds up a little. If this is the only nuc you have you can easily baby it through the winter. ...
  23. Re: How much should I pay for 300 lbs. of honey

    I pay $2.50 - $3 per pound in 5 gallon buckets, extracted, filtered ready to bottle. Since he has very little invested in this crop and everything he gets is pure profit, I would think $1 per pound...
  24. Thread: Earwigs....

    by hilreal

    Re: Earwigs....

    bees seem to coexist with ants, ear wigs, roaches, spiders, etc. without too much ill effect as long as the hive is reasonable strong.
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    Re: Michigan Mint Honey?

    However basswood honey is light in color.
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