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    Glock - my method - which is good for a hobbyist or very small scale commercial operation is to get the bees out of the supers before they are moved.

    My method - which is time consuming - works...
  2. Re: Thoughts on starting a bee club/group

    I agree with the keep it informal comments. The primary reasons for becoming official would be the group wants to associate with another group, the group wants to own property (money is property) or...
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    Re: Beekeeping FAQ?

    Thanks for sharing the links - it was/is nice to see the thoughts of those I think of as old friends who no longer post.

    It would seem that in a FAQ information would be presented in book like...
  4. Re: Need advice regarding moving bees to new location

    I haven't had anyone help me the last few years. Before that my son helped as needed - his rewards were in the form of convenience store pastry (It is what he asked for!) His going off to College is...
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    Re: Beekeeping FAQ?

    I know about that FAQ - which looks to be on how to use the Board - not a Beekeeping FAQ.

    I didn't do any searching there - I just went by the headings.

    Am I missing something there?

    It may...
  6. Re: Need advice regarding moving bees to new location

    What I do for moves - and this somewhat depends on the number of hive that are to be moved.

    -> staple bottom in place
    -> run a ratchet or lashing strap around the hive and tighten

    -> Just...
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    Re: Beekeeping FAQ?

    While I suppose I would prefer that Beekeeping for All not be the book, I mainly want people to have made an effort at their own bee education. I hope that is not whining on my part.

    I guess what...
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    Re: Beekeeping FAQ?

    All too true!

    I wonder when people link to Michael's site if the OPs follow through and read what Michael has posted there?

    I'm going through Bee-Sentials this morning in preparation for...
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    Beekeeping FAQ?

    Is there such a thing that I just can't find?

    If not, do you think people would look at one?

    There have been many questions on feeding lately - faqs might feature a variety of approaches. A...
  10. Re: Eating all their honey and not making any????

    Welcome to BeeSource!

    As you have been told bees need good forage in order to make honey.

    Some areas of the country had awful conditions for honey production - where I'm at the conditions were...
  11. Re: Small late swarm - opinions appreciated

    I don't think I would have captured the swarm unless there were PR reasons for doing so - that seems to be the case here. The small number of bees are a PITA to work with and late swarms of this...
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    Re: Should I be feeding in Ohio?

    Hi Carol and if I haven't said it before, welcome to BeeSource!

    Feeding is sometimes an intimidating topic but it need not be so if you relax and think about what you are trying to accomplish.
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    Re: Question for the group

    Michael's suggestion of a horizontal hive resonates with me. If your father is as you say competent most of the time I think you want to encourage him to be active and to stretch. You should be...
  14. Re: Treated with MAQS, mite count still high, now what?

    I think you misunderstood what you were being told - I could find nothing on this point on either the Ontario Bee Association nor the New York Bee Wellness web sites.

    The two tests work on very...
  15. Re: Treated with MAQS, mite count still high, now what?

    Not true regarding doubling sugar shake to get alcohol wash counts.
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    Re: Winter Prep and Sugar Bricks

    It really sounds like you are not leaving adequate bee prepared stores for winter. If you harvest, perhaps some of what you harvested wasn't surplus.

    Planning to do an emergency feed if needed is...
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    Re: What is OAV?

    OAV is short for Oxalic Acid Vaporization.

    It is recognized by a number of countries around the world as a mite treatment but it enjoys a don't ask don't tell status in the US. That appears to be...
  18. Re: Treated with MAQS, mite count still high, now what?

    You may have treated too late for MAQS (or any mite treatment) to save the hive. I would check with the manufacturer of MAQS - they will ask you stuff like where did you put the strips, in what...
  19. Re: Recent experiences with Rossman Apiaries?

    Me thinks this thread belongs in Consumer Reports instead of the Bee Forum.
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    Re: Mating yard questions.

    It is my understanding (based on things I've read - not from first hand experience) that drones and queens from the same yard will generally use different DCAs - with the queens flying to a more...
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    Re: Resource Recommendations

    Why promote what is probably a rip off of a fine tool designed in the US and sold by Walter Kelley? To save a few bucks? Thank you Kent Williams for coming up with this tool.
  22. Re: Will bees reach second honey super in winter?

    I fail to understand the logic of this statement.
  23. Re: Will bees reach second honey super in winter?

    duplicate post
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    Re: The trouble with Russians

    Whatever source of packages you ultimately decide on, you want to make sure that conditions are good for queen mating in the area the packages come from. Many beekeepers want bees in the spring...
  25. Re: Mite Count: What is considered "high" for those who do not want to treat?

    Unfortunately you are very close to correct. According to the report 356 bees were in the sample. Sometimes the jars don't look like they have enough bees and so a few more get added. Who knew...
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