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  1. Re: To Feed or Not to feed ...that is the Question!

    your theory about feeding bees making them lazy applies more to people on welfare rather than bees. If there is honey to be gathered they will work regardless of being fed. our honey flow is mostly...
  2. Re: Will bees reach second honey super in winter?

    what waynesgarden may not consider is that as you go north it gets colder. one reason the dadant jumbo hives were not popular was they wintered poor. the big wall the bees could not go thru. some...
  3. Re: Will bees reach second honey super in winter?

    thru the extra space provided between top and bottom bars.
  4. Re: Will bees reach second honey super in winter?

    with med supers the bees should winter better as they can move sideways easier. lots of bees and honey should work well for ya.
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    Re: Bottom Board Position

    down so the bees can drag out dead bees easier.
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    Re: Moving Bees (Vermont to Atlanta)

    the best advice I can give is disregard all advice made by acebird.
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    Re: Frame saver extracting.

    2 finishing nails driven in side by side works for us.
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    Re: 9 frames or 10 frames

    your veteran beekeeper was 1/2 right. use 9 frames but the extra space is divided to each outside wall. this way the combs have the correct beespace.when working the hive start at an outside frame....
  9. Re: Why are there still so many drones in one hive?

    as a commercial beekeeper if I take the cover off and see a lot of drones they just swarmed or the queen went bad.
  10. Re: Bees are so agreesive and stinging through suit why?

    sounds like you learned something about basic beekeeping. not sure why you opened them without a smoker to start with.
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    Re: weight of three mediums

    an empty med weighs 15# and 9 full frames will hold 30# of honey. we take hives 2 med high to sc and look for a min of 80# gross. for winter up here I would guess 100# gross min. 10# extra is good...
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    Re: Hive portal Queen excluder

    If you have to do this your doing something wrong. should be in a bigger hive etc.
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    Re: Extractor-rusty interior

    for a little time and money coating the extractor will get ya by for a few years until you upgrade. honey from an old extractor is much better than any crush and strain method.
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    Re: reusing ccd hive boxes....

    today most lost hives are blamed on ccd. In reality most lost hives today are a result of mites as I said in post 4.
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    Re: reusing ccd hive boxes....

    treating for mites will probably end her problem.
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    Re: Removing bees from honey supers?

    for just a few supers just start with an empty super and bee brush. shake and brush the bees off and transfer to the empty super and keep the process going until done. should take less than an hour....
  17. Re: Commercial filter unit from Dadant, setup and use.

    they were developed in canada back in the maybe 50's. they were maybe 3 feet tall. It was tapered and 3-4 screens mounted inside each other. first the honey went thru a course screen then a smaller...
  18. Re: Commercial filter unit from Dadant, setup and use.

    Its not the mixture of equip. ya cannt pump cold honey thru a dadant filter without the pressure building up.I dont care what kind of pump or plumbers night mare you create. an oac...
  19. Re: Commercial filter unit from Dadant, setup and use.

    until you heat the honey Im sure the dadant filter will not work. ya probably didnt want to hear that. good luck
  20. Re: Using Reefers to treat comb for wax moth and hive beetles

    we used to have a reefer for hauling bees south. during the summer we used to connect to our honey house and used it for a hot room with a propane heater and fan. never had to kill wax moths as we...
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    Re: article feedback request

    anyone that believes this article is a fool. nuf said.
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    Re: Goldenrod already?

    there are over 50 kinds of goldenrod. In upstate ny the early bloom does not yield as well as later kinds. flattop is one of the better for yields. can't remember the other 2-3 kinds that yield well....
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    Re: Old wild Bee tree

    If a swarm was to move in its too late for them to build up and store enough honey to survive the winter.
  24. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    let us know in 5 yrs how ya make out.
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    Re: What % of the comb must be capped?

    you should be ok to extract. 75% capped is the basic rule. any honey gathered is ripend during that night. as long as there is no major flow on the honey should be ok moisture wise. honey can be of...
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