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  1. Re: I am going to need so much advice. Please brace yourselves.

    "Does this apply to areas where they are not exposed to bears?"
    Yes. (Do you raise chickens for their hackle or tie flies?)
  2. Re: workers tossing dead greyish bees out of hive - sign of starvation or??

    "I guess my main question is do they toss out the young when the food is scarce?"
    They can cannabolize brood if they lack protein (cured pollen) or toss out young brood or drones if conditions...
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    Re: Laying worker or Drone laying queen?

    Updates on a thread like this are interesting to the original responders and others and to folks who will look at the thread in the future. I am grateful for it. I don't know if the queen in the...
  4. Re: Howdy everyone from SW Texas (desert/mountains)

    Welcome. I use little bitty flea collars on my bees to keep pests off. Enjoy the journey.
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    Re: RoboVac Air Sealing

    "Is this normal? ... Any ideas?"

    This is not normal. I would check the suction coming directly from the vacuum to make sure that it is working properly. Then I would use my bee smoker to see where...
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    Re: Hello! Newbee from upstate New York!

    "Anyways, HELLO!"

    Buckle up, and enjoy the ride. I think you'll find folks here to be surprisingly decent, knowledgeable, sharp witted, and a little, well, odd. Anyways, welcome.
  7. Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    "Your thoughts?"

    Whether and how much you feed depends in part on your goals and your philosophical approach to beekeeping. In your general location and with your concerns, I would get local bees,...
  8. Re: Feeding syrup: Is it possible to feed too much?

    "Is over a gallon a day too much?"

    Place yourself in the hive for a moment. From the bees' perspective, you have a had a continuous "honey" flow for over two months. Bees can put away a large...
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    Re: Gulf Coastal Queens from eggs/brood

    "Please let me know any advice or tips."
    Sounds like you've got it. Stand pat.
  10. Re: What's the best wintering configuration for small hives

    "Would it be better to winter them in a double height 5 frame nuc instead?"

    I prefer a taller configuration because it conforms to the naturally selected cavities that I see in this area. The bees...
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    Re: Solid Bottom Board

    We did a cutout yesterday that had comb 8 feet tall by 30" wide by 3½" deep. There was very little debris along the bottom. This is typical in our area. Cleaning the bottom of a successful hive is...
  12. Re: Bees are so agreesive and stinging through suit why?

    "What is up with my bees?"

    Homesteader summed it well. I would add to make sure the hive entrances are at least eleven or so inches off the ground so that predators do not rile up your bees. I...
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    Re: Laying worker or Drone laying queen?

    Drones take about four days longer to emerge than workers so, in theory, you could have lost your queen twenty-one to twenty-four days ago. Several things make this unlikely, including the time of...
  14. Re: What's she gathering from my cucumber leaves?

    "Any ideas?"
    Honeydew. Makes dark honey. Prized in some places.
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    Re: article feedback request

    deleted -- same post posted twice
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    Re: article feedback request

    "I find my bees winter better on syrup/fondant than honey."

    Do they do better for you with fondant and with syrup than they do with sufficient supplies of their own capped honey in frames?
  17. Re: spraying laying worker hive for requeening

    "Update: We succeeded 100%. We re-queened 4 out of 4."

    Well done. Other than rolling the queens in the syrup, did you spray or place the syrup in the hives?
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    Re: Hygienic Bee's

    "What constitutes hygienic bee characteristics?"

    Hygienic behaviors may refer to more efficient detection and removal of diseased or infested larvae and pupae and better grooming of adult bees....
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    Re: article feedback request

    Oldtimer, you are right. The survey mixes (and the article confuses) correlation with causation. This is something that able researchers recognize and have to deal with regularly. There is nothing...
  20. Re: Franz Hubers Neue Beobachtungen an Den Bienen Vollstandige Ausgabe

    Ich würde lieber in Englisch lesen. Aber danke.
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    Re: Medium hives

    "Is this normal? Am I just talking to the wrong people?"
    The availability of medium nucs depends on your location. If you cannot locate local medium nucs, you can purchase packages or you could ask...
  22. Re: Top Box almost full - should I move a comb or two to the bottom box?

    I think that it would be better to let them figure it out themselves unless you are concerned that they may not be locally acclimated. Since they are from a swarm, and given your location, they are...
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    Re: Paper Combine Question

    "Is there any problem putting the 10 frame nuc on top of the 30 frame queenless hive to do the combine?"
    I don't think that which hive is on top in your situation matters. I would be more concerned...
  24. Re: Top Box almost full - should I move a comb or two to the bottom box?

    "Would it work to take two bars of comb from the top box and place them in the bottom or should I just let them draw out the bottom box when they are ready?"
    What do the Warre top bars in your...
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    Re: Incredible Double Story Nuc

    "Yesterday i made up some more nucs from my existing nucs. One in particular i took two frames of brood out of the top box. these are 4 over 4 nucs.
    Today i thought i might check on the splits to...
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