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    Re: Honey extractor?

    How industrious are you? I built a 6 frame radial extractor for about $200. Its all stainless a d food grade HDPE. There are a lot of ideas and plans out there.
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    Re: making a split with a purchased queen

    This year I had queens coming for a research project. It was supposed to be 2 but they sent 4. I went through my hives looking for something to split. In my biggest boomer( that I had done a cut...
  3. Re: Vinyard a good place to put hives or not?

    I used to keep bees in a vineyard. They did great. The grapes were planted in blocks and between those and in the grape fields themselves were loaded with white clover. We mowed everything once or...
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    Re: Releasing the Queen

    Let them handle it.
  5. Re: Spraying pesticide tonight how to protect bees URGENT

    I used to bees at the vineyard I worked at. Never had issues with anything as long as we followed label and didn't spray when wind was more than 10mph.
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    Re: Flowering tobacco

    I'm from tobacco country and the old beeks there say tobacco honey is aweful. A few years ago my brother harvested some disgusting honey that was credited to tobacco.
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    Re: New package install

    Over the past few years I have installed 6 packages by placing them on top of the frames. I've never had a single one make a mess of comb. My 2 cents.
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    Re: Once every blue moon sting reaction?

    I don't usually wear gloves and get stung all the time. Early march I did an inspection and got
    Hit once on each hand. Got hot all over, turned bright red, face started swelling, then I got itchy...
  9. Re: Laws restricting killing/exterminating bees

    I've had beekeepers argue with me that it was illegal to kill honeybees in IN. I've gotten cutout calls from people that were told by exterminators that it was illegal to kill bees. But as of 3...
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    Re: queen juice question

    I was at an auction talking to an old beekeeper today. I always approach them warily because I don't know if they are bastions of knowledge or cantankerous old f@&$s that refuse to change. This guy...
  11. Re: LEGISLATION or CITY Ordinances regarding KILLLING OF HONEYBEES?

    I was the Bayer Bee Care stop last week and had another experienced beekeeper argue with me that it was illegal to kill honeybees. I get cutout calls every summer from people that don't want to get...
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    Re: 5 gallon buckets- Home Depot or food grade?

    I've actually spoken with Encore Plastic about their buckets. Any of their white or clear-ish buckets are food grade HDPE. That's most of the buckets you'll find new.
  13. Re: When is cutout safe for Northern climates?

    If I'm being paid to do it, I cut it out when the client wants. I charge enough that I can buy bees if needed. I hate to kill them, but the word of mouth advertising gets me free bees down the road.
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    Re: PVC board for hive construction??

    Most people will say that if it doesn't breathe, its not a good idea. I'd agree with that, but I have seen fiberglass hives and someone on here talked about making some aluminum hives that worked...
  15. Re: filling frame (division board) feeders and drowning bees. this is what i did!

    I lined mine with old window screen and then scrunched an extra piece of #8 down inside it. Not nearly as pretty as these, but very functional.
  16. Re: If you had a 20 acre pasture to dedicate to your bees...

    Sweet clover is a biennial meaning you won't get any blooms the first year. It also has high levels of coumaphos, or something like that. It is an anti clotting agent that can be dangerous for...
  17. Re: Anybody using ship lap joint on their boxes?

    I started out making box joints. After that batch, I did ship lap rabbet joints. To me it was super easy after the hassle of box joints. I have double deep hives that have one box joined super and...
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    Re: Moving old, but occupied hives

    Why take them apart before the move? Then you have more pieces to deal with. Sounds like they are all stuck together now. Depending on distance you just need to block the entrance and go. For short...
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    Re: Glyphosate/Round Up

    +1 for the above post. I've been production farming my whole life and it is eye opening to hear the theories and "knowledge" of those who haven't spent days on end with a hoe in their hand. Living in...
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    Re: Minnasota Hygienic's

    I got a package of MH last year. THey were incredibly slow to build up, produced no surplus and were more testy than my other hive I started later. However, on a 24 hour mite count, they had only 6...
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    Re: Screened bottom board construction Q

    I made 2 last year by ripping a 2x4 3/4" wide, sandwiching 3/4"x3/4" strips on top of that with number 8 hardware cloth between. a 1x4 across the front for a landing board and they were good to go....
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    Re: Phil Craft - forced to retire.

    Tim, I had those same questions when I got the email. You would think that with Kelleys and Dadant being in KY we might have a more of a bee lobby. But if I want to move bees from my old yard in KY...
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    Re: How old is the oldest hive in your yard.

    I installed a package in April 2001. That hive is still going. Last summer my brother made some splits off of it. It went 5 or 6 years with abject neglect when I went to college and then moved across...
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    Re: pickle smell

    I grew up on a farm and a neighbor once gave us several dozen 5 gal pickle buckets. We filled them with water and left them in the summer sun to steep, then rinsed them with gas and still had a...
  25. Thread: Sorghum

    by Dodgerdoob

    Re: Sorghum

    Sweet sorghum is harvested with a full mature seed head, a plant can't produce seed without blooming. Both types are harvested in the fall and would die off and not produce anything if left standing....
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