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  1. I am having a nuc delivered thursday, Can I take...

    I am having a nuc delivered thursday, Can I take a frame from the NUC that is full of larva and stick in my damaged hive? Or can I take the queen from the new NUC and let them reproduce a queen?
  2. Bears Attacked Hive Killed Queen Need Help!!!

    Ok guys the bear hit me again . This time they killed my queen . I put the hut back togather and fenced off with 5 ft. welded wire and electric fencing
    Will my hive make a new queen or should I...
  3. Thread: Disaster!

    by simpleman

    Are you guys saying not to use excluders for a...

    Are you guys saying not to use excluders for a honey crop? Then why are they selling them?
    And should I collect the honey every 2 weeks?
    I am a newbee at all this so you will have to excuse all...
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    BEAR vs. BEES

    Well we were planning to split our hive for the first time.Sadly to say, the bears beat me to it. spent all yesterday picking up the pieces and salvageing all that I could. I will put up a electric...
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    Yes that is what I was planning ,but now that you...

    Yes that is what I was planning ,but now that you mention it ,you may bee right. so I guess that I will keep the med. frames out of the split.
    Or what about just lifting the up and putting...
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    Splitting Tuesday evening

    Well guys, we are going to go on to the next step. I hope this all goes well.
    I have a 10in. box with a 6in. super on the top. We are going to take 2 capped from the bottom and four from the the...
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    great imformation

    This is all great I am learning more and more everyday. I am so greatful to for all the insight.
    When I split the hive do I need to seal them up so they don`t go back to the other for a few days...
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    On How To Split Hives?

    Ok guy and gals, when splitting hives:
    How far apart do the hives need to be apart?
    What keeps the bees from going back to the old hive?
    How long until the new hive will produce a new queen?...
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    Bee Feeding Q`s

    I have have heard to mix water and suger 1 to 1 and I have heard use karo 1to 1. which is better?
  10. Looking for Arkansas bee farmers to help

    I thought I would give out a shout for some Arkansas bee farmers. I am sure that there are some out there who are willing to lend us local newbees a hand .
    I have always been a firm believer in...
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    Q`s on types of honey

    I have been taking that alot of you farmers out there are naming your honey
    popular, blackberry, clover and so on. and alot of these blooms don`t stay around long.
    My Q is : when I start...
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    thanks guys this is great. Right now my (lrg)...

    thanks guys this is great.
    Right now my (lrg) box has 10 trays , and 7 are covered and they are starting to build on the last 3 trays. Instead of worring about honey I should just set a (med) on...
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    Newbee with alot of Q`S !

    I am from Arkansas and I have been reading a few post and have been learning as I go. I bought A nuc of bees and got them transplanted safely in a brood house. And I believe that they have set up...
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