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    Re: Bees seem sick

    You should not expect to see mites on crawlers. Even with horrid mite levels you nearly never see a mite on any bee. Take a careful look at crawlers for two things. One is any deformed wings which...
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    Re: Just Another LL Langstroth Post

    Here is a paper that explains why honey bee queens mate far from the hive:

    Population dynamics of sex-determining alleles in honey bees and self-incompatibility alleles in plants
    S Yokoyama, M...
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    Re: Just Another LL Langstroth Post

    You need to learn about sex determination in honey bees. Once you understand this topic it is fully obvious why queens mate the way they do. They have no other choice but to mate far from the hive...
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    Excellent Customer Service

    I recently order some things from Georgia Bee Supply. Somehow the shipment got messed up and the stuff I ordered never got delivered. I called Georgia Bee Supply and explained what happened and...
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    Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    Many years ago I had a wonderful stock broker. The man was a true marvel. He made me lots of money once I figured out the formula to work with him. The formula turned out to be dirt simple. He...
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    Re: Acebirds one hive

    I have corrected vision in one eye of 20/40. I have absolutely no problem seeing eggs with that eye. I would estimate you should be perfectly capable of seeing eggs corrected to 20/80 or worse. I...
  7. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    Sure. Field data shows bees do just as well on sucrose or HFCS as on honey for wintering except in those cases where they do better on sucrose or HFCS. Honey never wins. The best it does is tie. ...
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    Re: Acebirds one hive

    The problem with non intervention is two fold it seems to me. First you have no clue what is happening in the most important part of the hive, the brood chamber. Second you provide an excellent...
  9. Re: Anyone know what the average weight of 2:1 syrup ripened in the hive weighs?

    Close but not exactly right. Sugar is sucrose which is chopped in half by the bees into glucose and fructose. During this chopping chemistry one molecule of water is added. That extra molecule of...
  10. Re: No larvae. I saw the queen a week ago. I'm in denial.

    This is a prime example of why I think everyone should learn how to graft. What I would do is graft two JZBZ queen cups and push them in the frame that has sealed brood right next to the brood. ...
  11. Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

    Of course TM does not kill bacteria at all. It is a bacteriastat not a bactericide. So, the bees immune system is what kills AFB when TM is used on an infected hive. So, obviously use of TM DOES...
  12. Re: Who would ship queens to war-torn countries?

    The way this sort of thing usually works is you sell your product to Mr Albayaty of Almajed Canadian Trading Company. You specify currency of payment, presumably either US or Canadian $. The...
  13. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    Sure, go ahead and use it as you wish. I probably stole it from someone else anyhow. Or at least bits from here and there. I know the part about if you can not turn it into math it is not science...
  14. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    Well, I do not know if I am much of an expert. Probably not really. I talk to people all the time that know far more than I know. Yet, Bisfam gave me high praise. He labeled my ideas a theory. ...
  15. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    Interesting you leap to the conclusion I am talking about epigenetics. In fact my comments had nothing at all to do with epigenetics and I was not thinking about that topic at all. I will say the...
  16. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    "The basic code is still inherited from the parents, and still supplies the core proteins.

    Making bees from unhealthy bees will tend, all else being equal, to result in unhealthy offspring.

  17. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    The subject of this thread is "Our understanding of genetics is changing." Hardly a thing has been said after 154 posts that actually addresses this subject. I taught myself genetics back when I...
  18. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    All thermo says is if you have a closed system and that system has matter in it with greater than zero point energy and that matter does work the disorder of the system will increase if you look long...
  19. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    Life most definitely does not violate any of the laws of thermodynamics and anyone who says it does clearly has never learned any thermodynamics and learned what a closed system is. Do not ever even...
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    Re: Bee-pocolypse. Reality or Fiction?

    The word theory means two different things. To a scientist theory means some idea that has stood every test thrown at it and fits all available data better than any other hypothesis anyone has...
  21. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    [QUOTE=squarepeg;1141026]so i corresponded with one of the authors, who very courteously replied, and referred me to citation #22:

    in this study...
  22. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    "I know of something else that also turns Immune systems off. HIV/AIDS."

    If you are claiming that HIV/AIDS turns off transcription to RNA you are simply dead wrong. HIV/AIDS enhances...
  23. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    Is it just possible that having all those immune system genes turned on full blast indicates and UNHEALTHY hive? The assumption in this Nature paper is more is better in terms of the number of genes...
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    Re: Best grafting tool?

    For me the best one by far is home made from a plastic drinking straw. Just take the straw and cut at a 20 or 25 degree angle with respect to the straw axis. Cut with a really sharp knife. One...
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    Re: Drone genetics

    [QUOTE=Phoebee;1125916]More like she's flipping 16 coins.

    She is certainly NOT flipping 16 coins. You are not accounting for crossovers. She is flipping more like 10s or 100s of thousands of...
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