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    Re: Price of Nucs in your area ?

    i bought one from G and S bees in albemarle nc in June I paid 125 but i had no frames to trade. With frames he gets
    105.00 I was very pleased.
  2. Re: Newbie with a swarm and super question

    Why not use excluder?
  3. Newbie with a swarm and super question

    i caught my first swarm back in April and it has done very well. I have a ten frame deep and 9 1/2 frames were drawn out and a med box above has all frames drawn out lots of larvae and I've been...
  4. Re: Hello from the foothills of North Carolina

    Best resource you will find
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    Re: Swarm absconded?

    Probably didn't get the queen.
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    Re: What to do with Honey??

    The loss of the queen caused the hive to dwindle. The small number of bees caused the hive to die. The cold just exacerbated the problem.
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    What to do with Honey??

    I lost a hive due to a dwindling population and I think the queen died, but mainly due to single digit cold in NC of several days and in the teens for a long while. Anyway, I had a full medium super...
  8. Re: A curious observation that is kinda driving me crazy!

    "Bigger" means population. I thought about adding a super but winter is coming. I have a deep and a medium on each hive. I am still new at beekeeping so I don't want to mess up.
  9. A curious observation that is kinda driving me crazy!

    I have two hives, both appear to be healthy and happy. One has always got bees hanging around the front porch and the other, they just don't. The hive that doesnt have the porch traffic, is...
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    Re: Please tell me if i need to feed.

    What us mt camp sugar. Sorry.
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    Please tell me if i need to feed.

    i know this has been discussed at length but i need a simple answer. I have two hives both in good shape and appear healthy, they have a deep and a medium. the deep is mostly used for brood and some...
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    Question about second brood box.

    This is my first full year and I started a new hive in march to go with my second hive that is a year old. I have a deep brood box with a med brood box on top of that. I fed for several months to...
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    Re: 1st year beekeeping

    Just put a drop or 2 of water on the screen and it will sit there while they drink it. She should be fine
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    When to add a second honey super

    I am a first year beekeeper, I have a one year old hive, It consists of a deep and a med for brood and i have used an excluder and have one med honey super that is just about full and almost fully...
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    Re: weekly hive check

    If 8 of the frames are filled out, add a box ASAP
  16. Re: Bees all over the front of hive at night HELP newbie

    Went in today and 2 or 3 queen cells but they were empty, no swarm cells but very little capped brood and saw no larvae
    Lots of comb to lay in and nectar but to many bees for me to see the queen.
  17. Re: Bees all over the front of hive at night HELP newbie

    They weren't empty they had RJ in them. The foundation was not drawn out in the honey super. There is some Drawn out in the deep but I didn't plan to leave that on.
  18. Re: Bees all over the front of hive at night HELP newbie

    finally got the photo up. Will i lose them all if they swarm? or is it a "who the heck knows but the bees". Will that mean no honey this year? just asking questions. Mike
  19. Bees all over the front of hive at night HELP newbie

    5003I cant get the photo to attach on my MAC but I have a 10 month old hive with a deep and medium for brood. I fed most all of the winter. Lots of bees in my opinion. I have a medium honey super i...
  20. Newbie, Bees all over the front of my hive.

    is this normal, bees covering the front of my hive. First spring with my hive. is this normal. all grouped together. everything seems fine but just wondering if i should be worried. Beautiful day...
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    Robbing or just flying?

    I have had my hives for almost a year. I have a deep and a medium. The entrance is at it smallest opening. I have a lot of activity today bees all over the front of the boxes. Bees are crowded going...
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    Some green "mold" on the lid

    I have a hive with an empty super surrounding a boardman feeder. The feeder sits right next to the inner cover hole. The cover sits on the the top. I have some green mold growing on the lid. Is...
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    2:1 too thick for boardman feeder

    I have been using a boardman feeder all summer and fall for two hive started this spring. I have it on the inner cover with a body around it. they did not store enough honey so Ive been feeding...
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    Sugar syrup question (stupid mistake)

    Made a stupid mistake, mixed my syrup about half as strong as I was supposed to. Kids, Dogs distractions etc. I mixed 1:1 about half as strong as it should be. Realized it last night. They have had...
  25. Re: Taking their sweet time filling out frames!!!

    A master beekeeper is someone licensed by the state of NC and works for the agricultural extension service. He teaches classes on beekeeping and does inspections if you call and ask for one. He is...
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