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  1. Re: Completely rude, and evil bees during a swarm capture

    I went into my other two hives today thinking I'd try and give these new girls some comb and some brood to keep themselves happy for a bit. As it turns out, the BOTH must have swarmed, no brood...
  2. Re: Looks like the Honey Bee Killers Returned to our Honey Bee Sanctuary

    But it's for the taxes!
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    Re: New hive entrance size

    You'd be amazed at how many bees can go through a very small hole. I wouldn't adjust it until there is a traffic jam at the door.
  4. Re: Completely rude, and evil bees during a swarm capture

    I brought them home last night, and this morning stood in front of their door for a few minutes (with gear on!) and they couldn't be bothered by me being there.

    Time will tell I guess! I'll try...
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    Re: Need advice on hot hive

    I think this works. I also know there are days I've been in one of my feral hives and they are mean as all get out. I'll go back a couple days later and they are calm and cool.

    Who knows, I'd...
  6. Re: Completely rude, and evil bees during a swarm capture

    Probably 75' but they would persist for easily 5 minutes. I'll see what they act like over the next for days and go from there.
  7. Re: Completely rude, and evil bees during a swarm capture

    The shorts was a pretty boneheaded move and I'm paying the price now. My few prior experiences were so easy I just didn't think much about it.

    I failed!
  8. Completely rude, and evil bees during a swarm capture

    I 'rescued' a swarm today and these girls were [hot]. I got stung 7 times (partly my fault for wearing shorts) but more so they were just bombing my veil and would follow me a good ways from their...
  9. Re: It's spring in SoCal! Questions about supering.

    I just gave them both another medium box without foundation and moved some of the drawn frames up into the empty box.

    Is there some sort of guideline on empty space? I would estimate they are...
  10. Re: My First Spring, Too! Orienting flights or swarm?

    Seems your bees would disagree with this. ;)
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    Re: buying an established colony

    I have caught my first two swarms that are now hives. It isn't the fastest way to do things but it was sure fun.
  12. It's spring in SoCal! Questions about supering.

    Last year I gathered two swarms. They spent last year/winter getting sorted and just started going gang busters this year. One hive was in a single large box, the other was in a single medium. I...
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    Re: Finding the queen bee in a feral hive

    Do you really want/need to replace your queen? So far, I only have 2 hives, but the natural queens seem to be just fine and the hives are good tempered.

    Unless they are mean just let them do...
  14. Re: Greetings from the World's Newest Country (and also Texas)

    My compliments to you sir. Enjoy your endeavors!
  15. Thread: Coffee Grounds?

    by codyjp

    Re: Coffee Grounds?

    Seriously though, 40,000 cups a day would get expensive!
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    Re: Dead bees and a fermenting smell

    I can easily do that tomorrow, however, what do I do with the problematic cells/comb or whatever it is? Just toss it out?
  17. Thread: House Explosion

    by codyjp

    Re: House Explosion

    Residents reported a heavy odor of smoke, sometime after the home exploded.
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    Dead bees and a fermenting smell

    Over the past three or four days I'm finding a lot of dead bees around the base of my hive stand. More so, dying bees. Many of them are loaded with pollen, but just seem to be sitting there slowly...
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    Re: New Hive, might be Queenless...

    I went through this about a month ago. I decided I wasn't sure what was going on, or what I was going to do about it. So I let them be and now things are fine.
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    Re: Different size bees in one hive?

    Hadn't considered the cell volume. Thanks for the information sir!
  21. Re: California "cottage foods" bill introduced and passed!

    Nice idea... To bad it comes with more fees. Sadly though, not the least bit surprising.

    Currently, what would be required to sell honey in CA?
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    Re: Different size bees in one hive?

    Most certainly not drones, as those are even bigger. Maybe 30% is an exaggeration, but they are definitely 2 different sizes.
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    Different size bees in one hive?

    I started a hive in June this year with foundation. However, after some reading I cut out most of the foundation on the combs that hadn't been built up yet. I'd estimate that I have about 50%...
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    Re: Troubled first hive questions

    I've not been able to ID any varroa, but I'll check more next time I'm having a look. I did do a quick check yesterday and they queen has started laying properly and the drone brood is subsiding. I...
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    Re: Girls were busy today 11-10-2012

    Mine were out working at 6am in a light drizzle a couple days ago.
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