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    Re: Oxalic Acid Vapor in a TBH.. best method?

    I used the vaporization last year with excellent results. In my hives I built an opening exactly the size of a boardman feeder at the bottom of the front of the hive. When not feeding, I put a 4 inch...
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    Re: Sucsessful Queen Introduction tips.

    I wish I had searched for this thread BEFORE asking my requeening question in the beekeeping 101 section earlier today. This thread answered all my questions! Going forward, I believe I should always...
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    Re: question on re-queening and splits

    Is there any reason to not put the caged queen in right away and not wait an hour or two?
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    question on re-queening and splits

    When requeening or doing splits with a purchased queen, none of the literature seems to mention the bees making queen cells and what to do about them. If I remove the old queen (or split the hive)...
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    Re: essential oil question

    It can be. However, put your sugar water out in warm weather and feed your bees. In about a week, if not all eaten, it gets moldy! Heated and sealed (such as jelly or jam) it does act as a...
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    Re: essential oil question

    Sugar is not a preservative. Dry sugar will last for years. Add water to it and it will get moldy quite quickly. Thyme oil and lemongrass oil found in HBH do have antibacterial-antifungal effects as...
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    Re: essential oil question

    I have made my own HBH (you can find the recipe here on Beesource) and have found little difference when used in feed when compared to straight sugar water. The smell is a strong attractor but if the...
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    Re: How many bee hives do you have?

    Hobbyist, 5th year and 6 hives at this time.
  9. Will queen lay on other side of a bar or two of honey?

    I have heard over and over that in a Lang hive once a "layer" of honey is present at the top of the frames, the queen will usually not go above it and lay eggs in the supers. In a top bar hive since...
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    Re: A comment and a question about new package

    My experience with packages over the last few years tells me you do not need to worry about them now. In my area mites seem to be very minimal until August when they suddenly seem to explode in...
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    Re: Can I use comb after varroa massacre?

    I couldn't agree more. The varroa died with the bees. Reuse the hives and the comb. The bees will appreciate their good fortune of moving into a hive that already has comb in it.
  12. Re: Installed bees in hive. When will they start bringing in pollen?

    The two are definitely related. My experience is that if there is nectar to be gotten, they will choose it over sugar water. But, keep providing it just in case. I do recommend pollen patties as...
  13. Re: It's called "cross comb" because it makes you cross

    Yes, welcome to beekeeping! You will find that the bees are incredibly resilient to our mistakes. I installed my first top bar hive on a cold rainy day a few years ago. A huge number clustered on...
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    Re: hundreds of dead bees outside my hive

    Did this happen overnight or over a period of time?
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    Re: Do you plant flowers to avoid a dearth?

    I have planted for the bees and finally realized that the cost of seeds, irrigation, time and labor far exceeded the cost of feeding sugar water when needed. My best guess is for every $100 of seeds...
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    Re: Queen Releasing Question

    The queen will be fine for another day. Lots of beekeepers keep queens in the boxes much longer than two days in their queen banks.
  17. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    Tip # 1,973,298: When you remove the brick from the top of the hive, place it where you will NOT be walking. Tripping over a rock and falling down with a box of bees in your hands is not a good idea....
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    Re: ta-da! here they are..

    As far as releasing the queen goes, my personal rule is if the queen has been with the bees in the package 5 days or more, a direct release will work just fine. Anything less, hang the queen cage...
  19. Re: newbie asking about using colloidal silver inside hive

    I totally agree with Mr. Bush. The microbes in the hive are all fighting for survival and trying to use the same available resources. The bad germs can't get a good foothold with all the other fungus...
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    Re: I suck as a beekeeper

    I am a lazy beekeeper. I am not trying to corner the market on local honey or sell queens, packages, or nucs. I enjoy watching the bees and collecting a bit of honey each year. I have never done a...
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    Re: Installed package. Pain ensued! Help

    The difference between the temperament between two packages and even the time of day the installation is done can be huge. This past weekend I helped two friends install packages at different...
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    Re: I can't believe the cost of nucs this year!

    I am sorry to disagree with you but low balling is a standard business practice world wide. We may not like it, but it happens all the time. Amazon did not get huge by selling at the market price....
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    Re: Wintering statistics

    Years keeping top bars: 3
    Plant zone: 7B
    Average lbs of honey going into winter: 50 lbs
    Hive preparation: None
    Average hive losses in spring: 33% of 3 hives
    Lost to queen issues. Made it...
  24. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    To answer the original question, I used top entrances for the first time this year (thank you Michael Bush for the recommendation!). I saw a huge differences in my hives. I am in a moisture rich area...
  25. Poll: Re: Pollen patty or Sugar syrup or both for getting packages going

    In this area we have good pollen sources almost all year. The biggest problem is rainfall. It is not uncommon to have a week of rain, especially in the spring. If the bees cannot get out, they cannot...
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