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  1. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    I am also troubled by this. Whether the flow hive is a winner or not I am still troubled by the funding operation. I think it was a brilliant and shrewd business move by the inventors. At the same...
  2. Re: Woo hoo! First time cut out from a damaged tree.

    Gotta put the comb in properly. That looks upside down?
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    Re: Tracking scout bees????

    This is something I recently learned. Bees will look for and sometimes find a new cavity prior to swarming.
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    Re: Tracking scout bees????

    Yes these are bee lining methods. I think I'll give it a try. I now think these are scouts from a hive of mine that is getting ready to swarm not from a cluster. I'm going to probably sprinkle the...
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    Tracking scout bees????

    I have tried this so many times but never have been able to follow the bees much farther than a few yards from the trap.
    Anyone able to find a swarm by watching the scout bees?
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    Re: Scout bees measuring my swarm trap

    Could you expound on this please? This is what is going on at a trap box I have set up. I thought perhaps it was two different swarm vying for the same trap. Why would scout bees from the same swarm...
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    Re: What will chase bees out of a tree?

    I have tried almond oil. It has no smell. I tried it anyway and it didn't bother the bees at all. I then got almond flavoring concentrated which has a powerful almond smell but this also did not work?
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    What will chase bees out of a tree?

    I've all but finished the removal of a hive in a tree using the Hogan method. I found a non laying queen in my trap and, from there removed her and the trap hive, bees etc. There is still a ton of...
  9. Re: Props to all you that do bee removal service

    I've done a similar take out. It was 8' long under a single wide and 24" wide. It was over 100 degrees out and I didn't have a vacuum. It was awful.
    I strongly recommend a vac as well. You can...
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    Re: continued photo uploading problems

    Thanks. I'm mainly looking to upload to an album from a website. I guess I'm done no something wrong but I get frustrated and give up. I've done exactly as described and still gotten errors.
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    continued photo uploading problems

    So i tried using my photobucket to upload photos into an album so I could show a take out that had two separate hives less than 8' apart. I resized the first one to 480X639 and it uploaded then...
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    Re: does anyone use 11 frame boxes?

    I see the benefit being more frames for the queen to lay in. Just my opinion however.
    Years ago Kelley wrote about using 9 in a 10 to give the queen more room. I feel this is a big mistake in a...
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    Re: does anyone use 11 frame boxes?

    All mine are standard 10 frame boxes and I don't think I could fit 11 frames in them brand new or otherwise? I keep my frames scrapped so they fit right up to each other and leave some room at the...
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    Re: Hot wire uncapper

    Super easy to do and a proper value variable resistor from fleabay is the best way to fine tune it. Get an old toaster and gut the wire out of it. With a variable resistor you can adjust the temp of...
  15. Re: Maxant 3100-H (hand crank model)... Should I order?

    If spending half again what the extractor costs is not in the budget then that's how it is. I understand this completely. If I wanted an extractor and had a hard budget that would allow me to get the...
  16. Re: Any Cappings Spinner Conversions Out There?

    I have a maxant 20 frame. Best extractor out there IMO.
    I made three drop in cages out of perforated aluminum. The holes were about 1/4" space as close as practical. I used my box brake and bent...
  17. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    Well I agree anyway:)
    Isn't beekeeping relatively simple any way you look at it? I mean, if I can do it then it HAS to be simple.
    Simple is one thing and some may agree or disagree with or if it is...
  18. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    No I don't think that.
    I was being sarcastic but trying to be open minded.
    As I said we will see.
  19. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    Don't need any of these with a flow hive. That's the beauty of this invention.

    Or maybe not. Time will tell.
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    Re: When to throw in throw towel?

    Good questions here.
    Personally I wouldn't chance using one of your queens in this dink.
    If I had this issue I would spray the bees with diluted honey, wait an hour and shake them in front of the...
  21. Tree trap out - found a virgin queen today - flew off the frame

    I am in the process of trapping out a hive that is in a tree. I have had a deep hive body on it for about 10 days and have been removing bees every couple of days. I initially removed a lot of bees...
  22. Thread: Bee Vacs

    by challenger

    Re: Bee Vacs

    I built mine the same way as you describe. It is so easy I have no idea why anyone would build it any other way. The down side is that it can be heavy.
    I made two plenums out of 3/4" PVC sheet...
  23. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    I agree that removing honey from the hive is the easiest part of harvesting. If folks want to get a flow hive thinking this will be easier then so be it.
    Personally it seems like a huge waste of...
  24. Re: What am I looking at? Swarm Cell, Supersedure, or Emergency Cell?

    That is a supercedure cell, or perhaps in your case, an emergency cell IMO. That is IF there is a larvae in it. If not then it is just a queen cup and bees, at least mine anyway, make them all the...
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    Re: Who makes the best vented bee jacket

    I hated paying for my ultra breeze. Now that I'm on my second season I'd say it's the ultimate. Not without a few problems IMO. The hood makes me feel like I'm in a space suit and I can't wear any...
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