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  1. Re: Beekeeping Club website - software question

    check out It has many apps like a forum, etc in the pro version. I'm using the middle version and it still has plenty of bells and whistles for $60/yr.
  2. Re: How many of you started with just one hive?

    I started with one in 2013 and a top bar hive to boot. Glad that I did because I don't think I could have handled all the bees otherwise. I am extremely comfortable with them now and have 5 hives...
  3. new book "Garden Plants for honey bees" is great

    I just received my copy the other day. As a gardener, I'm really loving this book. There are full color photos on every page and it is arranged by months so you can use it as a field guide of...
  4. Re: Can I use unhatched queens to make swarm lures?

    maybe some of those Styrofoam mini mating nucs ($18ea) or the flower pot method to put a ripe queen cell in with 2 cups of bees. That lets her hatch and get mated and laying for a...
  5. Re: Raising queens/ is it practical for a hobbyist?

    You don't need to bother with looking at grafting queens if you are only looking for a couple. If you have foundationless frames with soft/new wax, it can be as easy as removing the queen to a nuc...
  6. Thread: Combine?

    by ruthiesbees

    Re: Combine?

    I bet these newly started TBH's are not the equivalent of 10 deep frames each (at least mine were not the first year), so I would gamble and see if both colonies make it on their own this winter. ...
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    Re: Questions re: dwindling hive

    Don't do anything too quickly. From the OP, it sounds like you still have a queen and workers, you just can't see any brood. That is pretty normal this time of year. The cluster can also look...
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    Re: Nuc Into TBH?

    Have you checked with the local bee club to see if there is a beekeeper in your area who is willing to do a TBH nuc for you? Many in the Hampton Roads area will do it..just not sure how far of a...
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    Re: Late season Queen Marking attempt

    Is there something about the special queen marking paint that makes one more likely to kill a queen? I don't use these special paints, so I may be missing a problem, but I can easily mark my queens...
  10. Re: California NUC''s, queens and packages vs SE US, is ther a difference?

    I also bought a package from Mann Lake this April. They sourced it from California. I was trying to stay away from any packages down south as the Africanized bees are starting to move into that...
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    Re: Hive Demise and what to do with comb?

    Sorry to hear that you have had such tough luck on your first hive. But you are correct that the drawn comb will give a package or swarm next year a good leg up in building a new colony. I don't...
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    Re: regional Honey

    See if you can buy individual frames of capped honey from a beekeeper (or better yet, rear your own). When you harvest the honey, keep them in separate bottles instead of mixing them all together...
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    Re: Adding a new queen.

    Can you cut out the queen cell today if it's not hatched? That way, you know there should only be one queen when you add the purchased one on Tuesday. If you are gentle and there isn't plastic...
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    Re: Pollen Source Guess?

    I'm in Hampton Roads and the bees just started working the tall goldenrods. the pollen was that same color.

    I'm interested in more info on your bee camera.
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    Re: Open the brood nest?

    Is the frame you are wanting to insert already drawn? The bees aren't drawing much comb at this point, but I did to one of my top bar hives exactly what you were wanting to do. (It was a strong...
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    Re: Possibly Need a queen

    check with your local bee club to see if someone has a "spare" when they are combining colonies for the winter.
  17. Re: Queen- after removing supers- think I removed a queen...

    If it has been a day or two since you pulled the supers, you should be able to look in each of your hives for emergency queen cells. One other thought, that small cluster of bees may have been a...
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    Re: Swarm united with queenles hive FIGHT!

    I thought it was an essential oil with sugar water in a spray bottle that allowed you to mask their pheromones and combine 2 small hives...
  19. Re: where to buy granulated bee pollen pellets?

    thanks for the replies. I ended up getting it from a place in California. I was looking for about 3#'s. Astrobee, would you mind saying how much yours is, or email me the price at...
  20. where to buy granulated bee pollen pellets?

    Does anyone have a good source for bee pollen pellets (not capsules)? I didn't realize how expensive it was until my own personal supply from my hives ran out. 8oz is about $15. Does anyone know...
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    Re: My head is spinning

    I have to put my plug in for a topbar hive. I'm a second year beek with 5 hives and have started more for friends in the area. Absolutely love the topbar hive, although the books will tell you that...
  22. Re: Extracting Honey at French Hill Apiaries

    I think that would apply to most processing places...better off not to know.
  23. Re: Extracting Honey at French Hill Apiaries

    Cool video on the whole operation and I loved the little honey bees that kept getting into the video; but the guy was licking his fingers and then touching more frames to put them in the extractor. ...
  24. Re: Triumph to tragedy -- a tale of broken comb -- when to fix?

    I would do it sooner vs. later. heavy nectar honey comb is going to be difficult to get re-attached. I tried some of mine this Aug with the hardware cloth bent in a C shape. They never did...
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    Re: will moth balls hurt bees?

    Good news is that both nucs no longer have any dead bees at the bottom of the hive when I inspect. I have been feeding syrup in the hive, did the powder sugar shake a couple weeks ago and managed to...
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