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    Re: Storing honey in an uncooled house

    Bees keep the interior of the hive at 91, so those temps shouldn't be a problem. Keep it closed up so it can't absorb moisture from the air. a little bit of that and it's on its way to being mead.
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    Re: D Coates 5 frame Nuc Design

    the D Coates 8 frame medium nuc in the do it yourself self section is an attempt to get the same area/volume from a medium nuc as you would from a 5 frame deep nuc. if you cut down a 5 frame deep...
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    Re: Water: how far is too far?

    There are basically two problems with distant water.

    1. The farther bees have to fly to get water the longer they take, and the longer they take the more of them that it takes, and the more of...
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    Re: Certified Sourwood Honey?

    OK, I'll bite. What is 'wax melter buckwheat'?
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    Re: Couple of weird things today......

    I heard the crackling when I had pulled one of the frames out. It was a new frame about halfway drawn out. That was all that was going on. They weren't storing anything or apparently doing...
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    Re: Couple of weird things today......

    Had that cracking sound in one of my hives too. They were drawing comb.
  7. Re: Anyone Near Jay, Maine Who Can Help Me Catch A Swarm?

    OK, I'll bite, how does a beat wipe out a hive?
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    Re: Either my Bee Math sucks.. OR

    Perhaps if you had an old queen that had been superseded, but not yet kicked out or killed, then the old one would have been left after you removed the young one to lay a few eggs. Still, it sounds...
  9. Re: Possible problems with newly installed queen.

    ALL capped brood will be a little rounded. Drone brood is QUITE rounded and sticks out by 3/16 or so (looks like Kix cereal stuffed in the cells). Only a few of the cells in the picture are that...
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    Re: cutout questions

    Disposable tyvek painters suits are cheap. Make sure you have a solid layer on underneath.
  11. Re: what to charge for pulling bees for tree. and advice on doing it

    Have you considered screening them in with some #8 hardware cloth? A day or three wouldn't hurt them, and then the arborist wouldn't have to worry about being stung. make a domed patch a little...
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    Re: No comb built...?

    After two, I would start suspecting the woodenware or the location.
  13. Re: Added a frame/eggs to queenless hive now what

    Adding the frame should reset the clock on the laying workers. check back in 9 days for capped queen cells if there aren't any and still no eggs (there might be some by then) then add another.
  14. Re: Laying workers or queen without enough comb

    If it's from laying workers, it's too late already. Give it a little bit until you see capped brood. If they are slightly domed then you are alright, if it looks like someone has been stuffing Kix...
  15. Re: Process for Separating honey from wax in Crush-n-Strain method

    I use a paint strainer bag inside a salad spinner to clean up my cappings and blowouts (after a thorough potato mashing). It's as much for cleaning the honey out of the wax as it is for the honey. ...
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    Re: Recycled burr comb - now with eggs?

    Seems like a good way to get them to pre-process the wax for you. have them get all the sugar and pollen out of it for you. Downside is that you loose some eggs, but then eggs haven't used much...
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    Re: Changing entrance to hive

    My advice is to do a cut-out and put them into a proper hive. This allows inspection and management and will result in healthier and more productive bees. Also in many places it is illegal to have...
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    Re: Split Questions

    Size alone does not indicate swarming. Go into your hives and look for indications of swarming; brood nest becoming honey-bound, and most importantly queen cells. If they are not yet in swarming...
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    Re: Inspection duration

    No longer than necessary.
  20. Re: Confusion over location of my bees in boxes

    if there's no flow on and they have lots of bees and no stores you'd better feed. Is there a flow? Is there nectar coming in? Is there any nectar in any of the frames? Bees usually prefer nectar...
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    Re: Hated to do it....

    what about the rotting meat (dead bees) and soon to be fermenting honey? This doesn't sound like a solution to me. just setting them up for a lot of damage in the future.
  22. Re: End Bars: parallel sides vs non-parallel sides

    I always thought it was to keep the bees from propolysing the whole length of the bar. making it a lot easier to get out.
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    Re: Need advise - dwindeling hive

    a frame of capped brood would help them with population, a frame of eggs and capped brood could perhaps give them something to make a new queen out of.
  24. Re: Is Mann Lake Changing the plastic for the PF-120 frames?

    I like a little translucence for back lighting. it makes it easier to spot eggs.
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    Re: Food coloring to Spring syrup?

    I wonder if you could end up with red, green, and blue bees? :lpf:
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