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    Re: 2014 USDA farm bill

    Now with that above post made.

    The stack of paperwork I'm looking at isn't worth the $320 I could POTENTIALLY receive for my 4 losses over 3 years.
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    Re: 2014 USDA farm bill

    Tomorrow 8/1 is the last day to file for 2012 & 2013 losses! you have till nov 1 to file for 2014 (which was winter 2013-14)

    I was at my local FSA (farm service agency) eg USDA office to get...
  3. Re: Does the frame need to be completely capped before extracting

    The advise i have received in the past is that if its uncapped, and can not be shaken out of the frame when held face down and shook, then its ready to be extracted.

    You can always use a...
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    Re: extracting outdoors at night.

    I have not extracted at night, although I have worked the bees at night. It is not a process which i would recommend.

    Attracting bugs with the lighting required at night would seem to be a...
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    Re: extracting outdoors at night.

    Can't say the reasons are obvious no.

    We extract ours in our kitchen. A room already designed for food prep. We stage full supers on the screened in back porch and usually just carry frames...
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    Re: Queen was gone now hive is honeybound

    Move the honey to the top and give her some place to lay at the bottom.

    If your fall golden rod is strong in your area you could take half or more of the capped honey now and put the wet supers...
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    Re: Feeding nucs during dearth?

    I currently have 3 nucs i am feeding with fatbeeman style top feeders. They have a bunch of comb to draw and will need to build up enough bees so that in another 6 weeks they have a decent number...
  8. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    You must be new here.

    To summarize the strategy, 100% natural honey may wholesale for ~$3 /lb (i retail only mine for 7 so im guessing at wholesale price) so a ton fetches ~$6000. HFCS is...
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    Re: Honey extractor?

    C-town has plenty of beeks, surely someone can help you out.

    Personally i would bite the bullet and buy the maxant setup. assuming they are 10 frame supers and you get 3lbs per frame your...
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    Re: Custom extraction services

    I suppose i would rent out my extractor setup. and by rent out I mean you could bring your supers to me and I'll help you extract them. Id say a min number of frames is 8. If you had something...
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    Re: Want to work bare handed?

    I prefer nitrite gloves (new school latex gloves). All the dexerity of bare hands, some sting protection and for my propolis heavy hives, pull them off and throw them away and the sticky is gone.
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    Re: Removing old brood frames.

    Once the new frames in the center are fully drawn out, she should prefer those over the ones at the edge. Just give it time (month or more)
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    Re: Where to start in Bee Keeping?

    The website here is a great place for information. Although I will have to admit, it can be easy to get lost in some of the debates over "hot topic" issues. (foundation v foundationless, treatment...
  14. Re: I weighed my hives today....not at all what I expected

    It might not be an accurate weight of the hive, but it will be repeatable. if the weight goes from 150 to 200 you know that the hive put on 25% more weight
  15. Thread: Honey Bound

    by schmism

    Re: Honey Bound

    Awesome! pull it freeze it and put it back in. kill those mites!
  16. Thread: Kelleys

    by schmism

    Re: Kelleys

    well now i was about to put an order in with them. Ive delt with them in the past and have never had issues. Ive had to wait what seemed like weeks for Dadant orders and they come from like 100...
  17. Re: Best option for getting a laying worker hive to accept a swarm queen?

    I thought this was a classic case for a newspaper combine. Over the several days it will take to chew across the newspaper, the real queen scent will remind the other hive what a "real" queen is...
  18. Re: Heating Temp. to extract crystallized honey

    Im confused.... you dont want to feed it back to the bees because your concerned it may have some honey that was derived from sugar syrup? Yet you want to warm it and extract it so you can eat it?...
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    Re: Can a laying queen fly?

    when i inspect my hives, i virtually never look for my queen. If i have eggs or small C lava (eggs that are 4+ days old) Thats good enough for me. Now if i have no eggs, no lava and just capped...
  20. Re: Treating Japanese beetles without harming bees

    i may have read it wrong :D
  21. Re: super slow motion educational bee film 2 mins long please watch

    so if i read the credit right... you were filming with this?
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    Re: Split ten frame nucs and entrances

    I dont see how its a good idea to try to overwinter in 5 frame nucs in VT.

    If you want to do the spilts into the seperated 10 frame fine, but IMHO your goal should be to get EACH ONE built back up...
  23. Re: I definitely understand now why the hive stands work side to side, not front to b

    The issue i see is one block is on its side (holes sideways), the other is on its top (holes vertical).

    While technically the blocks are not rated to be set on there tops, they have plenty of...
  24. Re: Nurse bees for nuc--lack of planning on my part

    You didnt say how far it is between the 2 hives.

    1) i would avoid moving the nuc
    2) you can carry a frame of nurse bees to the nuc and shake them and return the frame even if its several hundred...
  25. Re: Treating Japanese beetles without harming bees

    I have had the above traps and bees in the same yard for over 5 years. never seen a single bee attracted to the trap. I purchase the pheromone inserts for that specific trap.
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